Imagine you’re 1,000 miles from nowhere, yet you have so much pristine scenery waiting to be captured on film. What do you do? Do you pass up the opportunity or do you rally with the tools you have to hand?

With a few pro tips, some basic equipment, and your beautiful location, your next video could be a viral hit.

Here are five tips that will walk you through the video making process, providing you with the knowledge to become an expert producer of original yachting content that will engage audiences worldwide and make them envy awesome adventures!

#1 – Equipment Basics

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All you need to start shooting and editing videos is an iPhone and a laptop. This is your starting point. As you find yourself wanting more interesting shots you’ll need to pool your resources to acquire a GoPro or even a drone. The GoPro Hero 5 pricing runs between $400 – $600 USD depending on your add-ons. A drone can price between $500 – $2,000 USD depending on the model and features.

#2 – Create a Shot List

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You have the location (imagine you’re literally in the most beautiful place in the world), now it’s time to think strategically about how your shots will come together. What’s your background or time of day? Do you want to include sunrises or sunsets? Will you have access to a dingy or chase boat for additional angles? These are important things to consider when planning how you want your video to look.

#3 – Be Creative with Content

Use your down time to watch as many videos as possible, this allows you to recognize how creative you can get with the resources you have available. Your ability to quickly recognize good video content will enhance your ability to naturally find better shots and ease your way into fun and efficient edits.

#4 – Shoot to Edit

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Remember to keep your audience in mind, because the edit is simply putting together what you capture. Think about the flow, the music, and the message. You should keep in mind that videos should be under 1:30 seconds in length, with shorter clips (15 to 20 seconds) best for Instagram and other social media platforms.

As you’re shooting look for the shots that you believe would make for great content. If available, use the time lapse feature on your camera to help with transitions in the editing process.

#5 – Editing Basics

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You’ll first need to find the editing software that works best for you. Today the most popular programs include Adobe Premier (Mac & PC) and Final Cut Pro (Mac). You can also find software apps such as Filmora that are built for beginners but provide the necessary features to get the job done.

Once you’ve captured your desired footage and uploaded to your computer, start reviewing what you believe are the best clips. Provide a note to yourself of when/where these clips are for future compilation into the video.

Remember, you’re creating a story with your video, so take some time to begin laying out a timeline that you believe works given your best clips. As you carve out your timeline begin thinking of the music you’ll set the moving picture too. You should choose ‘royalty free’ music, which can be purchased cheaply from a variety of websites (i.e. Soundstripe,, or Royalty free music will ensure you’re in the clear from legal infringement or removal of your video from the internet.

As you begin editing, your music will become a major part of the moving picture, make sure to fade your music in and fade it out, never let your music start or end abruptly. The music can set the tone, allowing you to avoid transitions that are unnecessary and make the video look unnatural and cheesy.

The editing process is a learning process, it’s where you find your tone and dial in your settings. You may pull a few hairs out along the way, but with further research of best practices, you’ll be just fine. One final tip to consider is making sure to match your export settings to your upload settings of your host destination, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or similar sites.

Now you’re well on your way to yachtie video stardom. These five tips will get you well on your way to creating awesome videos and becoming the expert video producer on your excursions around the world. Afterall, it doesn’t have to be perfect, imperfection is perfection.

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