6 of the Biggest Names in Superyacht Law

6 of the Biggest Names in Superyacht Law

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A superyacht lawyer is a little bit like an engine- not something you see every day, but essential to keeping the machine running smoothly! And with workings so-complex, only the highly skilled can claim to understand them. Owning or running a superyacht certainly can come with many complications, and when you need to make it go your way there are only a select few who can help.

Here we’ve picked out 6 of the biggest names in Superyacht Law we know of right now.

John Leonida

John might well be one of the quirkiest-looking lawyers you'll ever come across. And what he boasts in exquisite style, he matches that in fantastic advice to builders of some of the world's most luxurious superyachts. Follow John for daily satire and an insight into his jet-set lifestyle.

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Benjamin Maltby

Benjamin has got to be the most followed superyacht lawyer on Twitter. Other than being a very busy many in the world of superyacht law, he is also an accomplished yachting columnist and speaker, and holds an International Certificate of Competence for yachts up to 24m LOA. Nice!

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Quentin Bargate

From offering advice on $200m new builds, to assisting with yacht management agreements for leading yacht managers, Quentin is an extremely in-demand in maritime lawyer. Not just this, but he is also a member of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands yacht committee, and has a keen interest in photography. The book "Microstock Photography” was written by Quentin under his pen name Douglas Freer. Look it up!

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Mark Needham

Another member of the Bargate Murray crew, Mark must have been one of the youngest law partners in the world when he qualified into the firm back in 2013. This gentleman was fortunate enough to spend 10 years of his in one of the  largest (and most convivial) offshore financial centres in the world- The Cayman Islands. Jealous, us? Never.

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James Jaffa

James specialises in the construction, sale and purchase and financing of Superyachts from 30m to 160m+. He claims to be a man of great wit, and in his spare time races sailboats competitively. A great hobby indeed!

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Simon Cardiff

Simon brings a huge array of skills and knowledge to the superyacht industry. Once an engineering officer in the Royal Australian Navy, and now a global heavyweight in superyacht law. Simon is a man of many talents, with degrees not just in law, but also in electrical engineering and a masters degree in international politics. He's now lucky enough to be based in Monaco. Send us a bit of that sun, Simon!

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