Superyacht Content is building a fresh new approach to superyacht marketing.

Our ambition is to offer free press coverage to all businesses trying to make their mark in the superyacht sector with relevant highly shareable social media content. For those who would like to go a step further, we offer new ways to influence the industry with bespoke digital advertising and social influencer packages.

Our promise to you is simple

We promise to be transparent; providing relevant and easy to understand statistics and analysis so you get a true picture of your progress.

We promise to be honest; pricing our packages at rates which support your budget and goals for business growth.

We promise to be different; and work with you to support your unique brand identity leaving you in control of your image and brand footprint.

What’s on Offer?

Superyacht Content offers a broad range of advertising options, available across their superyacht news site. These include category sponsorship & banner advertising opportunities as well as customized social media campaigns centred around bespoke content.

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