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Keeping fit on board whilst being cooped up in a small space with very little spare time isn’t an easy task. So how can you keep fit whilst working on board a superyacht? We spoke to Gym Marine, the superyacht gym experts, for some advice on the best space-saving gym equipment for a crew to persuade their captain to invest in. Because a healthy crew is a happy crew. And a happy crew means happier guests! Here’s the best gym equipment for yacht crew that your boat needs to know about…

TechnoGym MyRun Treadmill

Making a treadmill look good isn’t easy work. The design team at Technogym, however, have managed to make it look that way. Introducing the Technogym MyRun treadmill, a treadmill that has been aesthetically and technically designed to have a very small footprint. The MyRun’s sleek lines and minimalist design make it a feature to be proud of, the MyRun can be packed away very easily if desired. This combined with its style make it the perfect option for a crew treadmill.

K08 Suspension Trainer

Gym Equipment for yacht crew TRX trainer

The beauty of the KO8 suspension trainer is that you can attach it to virtually any solid structure, set it up in under 60 seconds, and go! This suspension trainer is the best of its kind and is an essential piece of kit for any type of body weight exercise. The KO8 is similar to the famous TRX suspension trainer, however, this new product features the addition of elasticated straps, allowing for greater variety and intensity in your workouts.

Nuo Flexbell Dumbbell Set

Gym Equipment for yacht crew Nuo Flexbell

We think that the Nuo Flexbell is one of the greatest bits of fitness kit ever invented. First of all, just look at them. They’re beautiful in form, and in function- that’s 32 kg of weight right there. Simply twist the handle to your preferred weight, and peel it apart from the other weights (which remain in the cradle). A full 32 kg set of dumbbells would usually take up an almighty amount of space on your boat, so you can see why many yacht crews are already loving this neat weight-lifting solution.

Jordan Sports Mat

A sports mat is an essential piece for all parts of your workout routine. From the warm up to the cool down, this surfacing solution is suitable for any floor exercise. These beauties can be rolled away, or if purchased with the easy lock hangers they can be practically stored up on a wall.

Jordan Chrome Rubber Kettlebell

These kettlebells have beautifully soft handles, and the rubber casing ensures that they won’t cause too much damage to your surroundings. For a guaranteed non-marking solution, upgrade to urethane.

Boxing Gloves

Pack a punch with Escape’s rather attractive boxing gloves. This is a brilliant high-intensity workout session that two people can enjoy together out on deck, with minimal equipment required. Just add a set of pads and you’ll be good to go!

Inspire Folding Bench

Several benches all packed into one. Brilliant for space-saving thanks to its six-position adjustment allowing you to do flat, incline or decline workouts. According to Gym Marine, superyacht gym customers across the globe have found this bench to be both practical and hardwearing, whilst also being super easy to store. You can pair these with your Flexbells for a great dumbbell workout. Perhaps the biggest selling point of this bench is that it stores completely flat; meaning once you finish your workout, it can live in a wardrobe or locker.

The Superyacht Gym Experts

You have Gym Marine to thank for putting together a comprehensive list of useful, space-saving equipment for you to put forward to your captain. The superyacht gym experts also offer a huge range of extended services beyond just the sale of their products, such as an extended offshore warranty and servicing. Get in touch with the experts to find out what further custom solutions they could provide for you.

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