Is This The Best Mannequin Challenge Attempt in Yachting?

Is This The Best Mannequin Challenge Attempt in Yachting?

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OK, we know that we’re a bit late to the Mannequin Challenge party…

But for anyone who doesn’t already know, the mannequin challenge is (or was) the latest viral craze to take the internet by storm. Unlike many other challenges of internet past, this one doesn’t seem to have begun for any charity cause, it’s just a bit of good old fun. Watching yacht crew give it a shot is especially entertaining seeing as they spend more time on the go than most of us put together!

We were just casually browsing the vast depths of the internet (as you do on a Thursday morning) when we came across this. We’ve seen a few attempts at the Mannequin challenge, but how awesome is that one from M/Y Rising Sun’s crew?

And how about this one from OneOcean Port Vell…


Have you seen a better attempt? Let us know in the comments below.

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