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“Emotion. Artistic Expression. These basic elements of design bridge the gap between yacht design and automobile design, and indeed many other genres. Yet one element also relates – and limits – the two: constraint.” says Chris Bangle, a former BMW chief of design, now designing yachts.

It’s very clear to most people familiar with the superyacht world that, by proxy, yacht-lovers are bound to be massive petrol-heads. But what about the yacht designers who we see frequently in the press, and at boat shows almost every year releasing new and exciting concepts? What motoring passions might they harbour, and how do these creep into their work? This post began with a passing office discussion about what cars various yacht designers might drive but has evolved into something a bit more serious thanks to some of the fascinating answers we received from the design community during our research. The blurring of the lines between the two disciplines, yacht design and automotive design, has given us a fresh new perspective on some of our favourite designs of late. Needless to say, I’ll never look at my Fiat Panda the same way again…

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