About Us

Superyacht content has been around for a while now. We know the industry and how it works. Plus, many of our team, especially the bosses have been in the Yachting industry for a very long time!

We see how things work, what crew do and we also see the changing patterns within the industry. One of these is cost.. Lots of Captains and senior crew, as well as owners and yacht managers don’t like to pay more than they need to for services. And, one of these services is finding crew.

So, as always we decided to do things our way. Just like with the rest of the site and our approach to the industry, SYC does things the way we feel is right.

Let’s make a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity to apply for jobs which are appropriate for their experience, skills and qualifications.

No secrecy, all employers give as much information as they are comfortable with (no names obviously) candidates knowing. This way crew can decide whether a job is right for them before applying. This avoids wasting time.

We have a HUGE reach. Because of what we do, Superyacht Content has a lot of followers. Most of these are crew, therefore we already have your target market (as an employer) visiting us every day.

We are not doing this to replace crew agents by the way. Agents are more than welcome to post their jobs to our site too. What we are doing here is using our reach to help employers.

So, whether you are a crew agent, management company, owner’s office or a Yacht looking for crew, everyone is welcome.

What we do

We provide a platform for crew to find jobs and employers to find crew. The site is simple to use and jobs are easy to apply for. Registration for crew is free.

Registration for employers has a flat rate. You can pay per job, per 6 months or annually. Size of yacht and number of crew you source does not affect the cost. Typically, as long as you use us to find one crew member per year your subscription pays for itself.

What we don’t do

We don’t check references, interview any crew who sign up with us or hold your hand in any way. We also don’t take responsibility or accept liability for the accuracy of adverts, listings or crew members’ CV’s. This is up to you.

Think of us very much like an online matching service. You are saving a lot of money but the responsibility is on you to check the crew member is who they say they are. If you are satisfied, employ them. If not, move on to the next.

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