This is the world’s largest Lego Megayacht

This is the world’s largest Lego Megayacht

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We are getting seriously excited today about this incredible Lego creation we stumbled upon yesterday.  A Lego Megayacht combines both childhood dreams and adult goals in the most satisfying way!


This is the world's largest LEGO megayacht... and its kind of awesome!


She was built by engineering student and artist Keith Orlando

And could be inspired by Blohm & Voss 'Superyacht of the Decade' ECLIPSE.

She features 6 decks with lots of sunbathing areas

And also boasts a generous swim platform and beach club.

A pool on the bridge deck aft offers tiny guests a chance to cool off.

They've even put one right up on the top deck, underneath the mast.

The swim-platform is a place for relaxing and indulging. Just look at the size of that apple!

The owners are also well catered-for on their private deck, complete with its own bar.

Up forward is the anchoring equipment ready to drop, and a hatch leading down to the anchor locker.

Inside the yacht, you can see the main engines and control room. But are they Caterpillar or MTU?

4 twin guest cabins seen here give you ample room for entertaining your Lego friends and family, but strangely they're not ensuite?!

Adjacent to the guest cabins is a central atrium with drinks at the ready!

Going forward, this Lego megayacht is amazingly equipped with an enormous concert hall underneath the bow!

A show is getting underway, and the musicians are busy warming up...

And they're off! Those two suspicious looking gentlemen at the front had better remove their hats, otherwise no-one will be able to see...

Here the croupiers are getting ready in the onboard casino, where guests are hoping to win literally bricks of cash..

Of course, there's an indoor swimming pool and wet bar to party at all night. Wait, is that Bill Gates sat on that sofa?!?

Sometimes even Lego people need to sweat out a hangover- and that's easy in this miniature Superyacht Gym (supplied by Gym Marine obviously). There's even a bowling alley!

In the galley three chefs are cooking up a feast. Looks like surf 'n' turf for lunch today.

Guests are taking their seats ready for the meal to begin. Looks like those top hat-men are hungry after all the music!

This crewmember is breaking all the facial hair rules. Surely the captain has to send him down to shave?

Lego people love sushi just as much as we do. Tuna sashimi and wasabi, mmmmmm.

Why does that man have a plate on his head? He must be Italian, he's wearing his sunglasses inside...

The Master Suite has a gigantic (by Lego standards) bed and an ensuite bathroom.

Let's hope the mattress isn't too hard...

A top secret meeting is taking place in the conference suite. It's Bill Gates and Top-Hat-man leading proceedings. Maybe they're just planning their cruising itinerary?

Here's the captain in the bridge. Let's hope he's not using that globe to navigate.

Nope, he's actually got Luke Skywalker's X-Wing targeting computer from Star Wars Episode IV. Panic over. Watch out Death Star...

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