On many Superyachts today, crew members are doing their part to help the planet by picking eco-friendly products to use on board. Most of us will be aware of the big eco brands, but have you heard of the smaller companies creating superyacht-worthy products that don’t destroy our oceans at the same?

We all know that recycling plastic during time in Port and perhaps implementing 5-litre refills onboard can help reduce your boat’s carbon footprint, but what about smaller companies selling eco items you may not have previously considered? From laundry products to guest toiletries, we reveal the top eco-friendly products that should be trending on your super yacht!

Zero Waste Club | Laundry & Housekeeping

An image of Zero Waste Club Eco Friendly Laundry Sheets

Laundry – The room that never comes to a standstill. Zero Waste Club‘s laundry detergent sheets are plastic-free, dissolvable, and biodegradable. Not only that, they are made with eco-friendly, palm oil-free ingredients. They are vegan and never tested on animals. Say goodbye to those plastic bottles you have in the laundry and say hello to eco-friendly cleaning products today!

Who gives A Crap | Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll & Tissues

If you’re looking for a trendy loo roll that will sit and look the part in your guest bathrooms, look no further. Did you know that over 1 million trees are cut down to make traditional toilet paper? That is why Who Gives A Crap is keen to create rolls with 100% bamboo fibres! Not only that, but they also donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world, pretty impressive hey?

Coola | Sunscreen and Skincare

Image of Coola Sunscreen

A superyacht lifestyle means taking care of your skin daily. Did you know that every COOLA formula contains at least 70% certified organic ingredients? In addition, they exclude over 1000+ unwanted ingredients from their formulations, which goes beyond industry standards.

The Humble Co | Toiletries

Eco friendly toiletries

Whether you are stocking up on crew or guest toiletries, The Humble Co should be on your shopping list.  This Swedish sustainability-focused company offers eco-friendly and innovative products that don’t compromise on functionality or quality. Each Humble purchase funds oral health projects benefitting children in need.

Join | Botanical Mists | Eco-Friendly Room Sprays

Bay & Rosemary Botanical Mist - Natural Room

Looking for an eco-friendly room spray to sprits throughout the interior? Join botanical mists are handcrafted from the finest essential oils and distilled water and do not contain any paragons, synthetic fragrances, or colours. The Perfect sprits that will freshen up any room, linen, and even wardrobes!

Eco Green Living | Compostable Eco-Friendly Cling Wrap

Image Of Bio Food Wrap

We all know how much cling wrap we go through on board. Whether it be in the crew mess, pantry or galley, and sadly, every piece that we use is near impossible to recycle and takes centuries to degrade. Making small changes on board and ordering in compostable eco-friendly cling instead of the dreaded plastic will help the planet, but not only that, for every order Eco Green Living receives, they plant a tree!

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by Humankind | Hand Sanitizer

Eco Friendly Sanitizer Bottles

These stylish refillable aluminium hand sanitizer bottles are chic and discrete, which makes them the perfect product to have to hand for guests and crew. Their reusable pump cap transfers from one refill to the next for easy application and less waste. Not only that, by Humankind offsets 100% of its carbon footprint (including your order) by investing in strategic forest preservation projects.

Kiss The Hippo | Nespresso Compatible Compostable Pods

Kiss the Hippo Compatible Eco Friendly Coffee Pods

Coffee, anyone? I mean c’mon.

There is no denying that the coffee machine is one of the most frequently used items on a yacht. The real question is, are you using compostable coffee pods, and if not, why not when they’re so easy to source and use?

These certified organic pods are a blend of Colombian Los Vascos and Nicaraguan San Juan coffees. Furthermore, Kiss The Hippo runs zero-waste cafes, where all used coffee grounds are turned into biofuel, and coffee sacks are used to provide toys for primates in London Zoos.

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