Unveiled by the Royal Huisman Shipyard at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Project Lotus is an uncompromising, verifiably limitless, superyacht duo comprising an 88m Dyna-Rig sailing yacht and 70m Companion Vessel.

The futuristic designs are a collaboration between the award-winning Dutch shipyard, ThirtyC Design (exterior & interior design) and Dykstra Naval Architects (naval architecture).

88m SY Lotus, rendering by ThirtyC

Intended to serve owners looking for greater freedom, this superyacht pair offers worldwide ocean cruising with the potential for expeditionary voyages, without diminishing the first-hand joy of sailing and without de-sensitising the connection to the elements.

Project Lotus’ dyna-rig sailing yacht presents a highly desirable multifaceted range of uses, from the excitement of racing at a superyacht regatta, to cruising Europe’s Fjords, Indonesia’s archipelagos and full-scale circumnavigation in resplendent comfort.

The sailing yacht’s DynaRig configuration reduces the complexities of large-scale rigging whilst allowing precision sailing with impressive performance predictions. Combining this with Lotus’ advanced construction and powerful propulsion will place her amongst the fastest and most technologically advanced yachts in the world.

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SY Lotus boasts expansive deck areas with an array of lifestyle amenities, such as a foredeck pool, vast beach club, spacious flybridge and innovative on-deck cinema setup which utilises the forward sails to create a screen 15m wide and over 9m in height. There are multiple al fresco dining areas and lounge spaces which can be enjoyed by guests whilst the yacht is underway, thanks to the safe environment afforded by the absence of highly-loaded sheets, lines and winches.

The interior sees custom-developed finishes, designed in collaboration with leading specialists, used to create a sense of calm throughout the yacht with interesting details and textures picked out in an arguably sensory experience.

The companion vessel is primarily a support boat, transporting toys for sea and shore-based activities and supplementary crew whilst, at the same time, retaining the luxury required for the accommodation of additional guests. The two vessels are designed to operate in a totally integrated manner, providing a comprehensive range of superyacht experiences and delivering the very best that superyachting has to offer – complemented by a helicopter, cars, submarine and a small fleet of additional tenders.

70m Companion Vessel, rendering by ThirtyC

This 70m motor yacht, the ‘other half’ to Project Lotus, offers a new level of independence and facilitates a unique working dynamic between the two vessels. Oscillating between a varied and versatile array of roles, the companion vessel may find itself acting as a mother ship, support ship, sister ship or even as a solo expedition yacht in its own right. The two yachts will be in constant contact, always focused on optimal logistics and service.

Efficiency and environmental awareness have also been key drivers in the design of the Lotus duo, with operational impact reduced wherever possible. The intelligent deployment of new technologies enables solar-harvesting panels to be integrated into the masts and smart power generation, storage and management systems minimise fuel consumption.

This project also marks something of an expansion for the 135-year-old Royal Huisman Shipyard. Known for their fine finishes, craftsmanship and exemplary engineering, the yard is widely regarded as the pinnacle of sailing yacht construction. Extending this expertise to motor yachts will no doubt result in an exceptional vessel and indeed game-changing benchmark of quality for the wider superyacht industry to follow.

Providing endless possibilities for the modern family, their friends and associates, to make more of the world, this dynamic duo proves that when it comes to superyachts, these sister ships are all the family that you need.

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