Working as a superyacht crew member often means being away from loved ones, especially during special occasions like Valentine’s Day. While the nature of the job may keep you physically separated from your partner, there are numerous creative ways to celebrate love and maintain a strong connection, even when miles apart. Read on for 6 ways for crew to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re not together on that special day.

Ways For Crew To Celebrate Valentine's Day

1. Organise A Belated Celebration

A wonderful idea that could add some brightness to your day is to begin planning your next meeting. Establishing a date can provide anticipation, even if it’s a bit in the future. You could book your next holiday, your next date, or just count down the days until you see each other!

2. Send A Message

In today’s digital age, consider breaking the norm and sending a heartfelt letter or a sweet video message to your partner this Valentine’s Day. A written note becomes a cherished memento, perfect for expressing your feelings when distance keeps you apart. If a physical letter isn’t feasible, a short video message is just as special. It’s a personal touch that can be replayed whenever they miss you. It’s a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate your love.

3. Surprise Them With Their Favourite Dish

What’s that one takeaway meal they absolutely love? Have it delivered to their doorstep! That’s bound to put a smile on their face. It’s a thoughtful way to show you care.

4. Enjoy A Sunrise / Sunset Together

Set a time to connect virtually, and each find a spot to enjoy the beauty of the sun. Create a shared experience – this should make the space between you seem smaller. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to celebrate love across any distance.

5. Gift Package

Take your Valentine’s Day gesture up a notch by sending your partner a thoughtful care package. Packed with their favorite snacks, drinks, and souvenirs, it’s a heartfelt way to show you care and have been attentive to their preferences. This personalised touch makes your partner feel special and appreciated, turning this day into a memorable one even when you’re physically apart!

6. Make A Playlist

Fill it with songs that remind you of each other, and share it for a comforting reminder when you’re missing each other.

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