Season 9 of the hit TV show Below Deck is coming to a close. But, where are the cast now?

Below Deck season 9 has seen many new faces, as well as a few returning faces. It’s been an entertaining cast for sure with many members rocking the boat this season. If you are curious about what the cast have been up to since filming ended here is all you need to know:

Captain Lee Rosbach

As we know, Captain Lee had to delay his start on this season due to health reasons. However, he came back healthy and happy. Since filming, he shared some exciting news on his Instagram. He has now became a great grandad following the birth of the beautiful Amelia Charlotte and has now returned to Florida to be with his wife Mary Ann.

Captain Sean Meagher

While Captain Lee was absent Captain Sean stepped in. Captain Sean is actually the real life Captain of the Yacht used in the show, My Seanna. Since filming, Captain Sean posted on his Instagram that he sold the yacht back in July. According to Express, My Seanna sold for nearly $22 million!

Heather Chase

Heather came on board as this year’s chief stew. After filming finished Express reports that she spent the summer peddling around Hawaii, which is where she grew up, and visited Los Angeles.

Eddie Lucas

Eddie is a familiar face who’s returned, but this time as a first officer. After filming, Eddie returned to Baltimore to be with his family. His Instagram tells us that he did get to reunite with Captain Lee in August, as they spent some time together in Los Angeles. Back in April, he posted that he fulfilled his lifelong dream of purchasing a Rolex watch.

Fraser Orlender

Fraser was a new face on the show, being the Second Stew. Since filming, the British born stew has taken his Instagram followers on all of his travels. He travelled to the United States and returned to London, before going to France, Greece and Dubai.

Rachel Hargrove

Rachel returns as the Yacht Chef this season. It seems as though Rachel and Vincenzo, who she spoke of in Season 8 have split. Express have stated that Vincenzo gave Rachel an ultimatum because he didn’t approve of her career. She could only choose him or the yachting life, and since her career is going very well at the moment she did not choose him.

Rayna Lindsay

Another new face this season, Rayna joined as a Deckhand. As well as this, she is also a trained chef. Since filming, she travelled to Mexico and officially received her license as an advanced Scuba diver. She did 15 dives to gain this qualification, one of which was with Bullsharks! She has also said in her Instagram story Q&A’s that she would like to focus on her acting career more in the future.

Jake Foulger

Another new face from the United Kingdom. Jake joined as a Deckhand this season and certainly brought some entertainment. Since filming wrapped up he returned to London. But, he has made great friends with the cast. Especially Rayna who has described him as a best friend on her Instagram.

Wes O’Dell

Wes made his reality TV debut this season as a Deckhand. However, he has been in the industry for a long time. His Instagram tells us that he actually has his Captains license. Since filming, he has spent his time operating his own boat, called the Nightwind II. It charters through the Virgin Islands, which is where he has moved to.

Jessica Albert

Jessica joined this season as a Stew. She and Wes conjured up a romance, but this was not pursued after filming. Since the season Express reports that she took a trip to British Columbia, Canada before heading to Florida. She currently works as a freelance yacht stewardess whilst also training to become a hairstylist.

We hope you enjoyed seeing where the Below Deck Season 9 cast are now!

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