As everyone takes a moment to collect themselves after the jaw dropping excitement of this year’s Grand Prix, here are some of our favourite moments of one the world’s most famous sporting events. Hold on to your helmets, things might get emotional.

Big boats and fast cars, what more could you want?

What a view, taken on high from one of the best spots at the Grand Prix, the YPI balcony. This incredible video was originally captured by Caroline Hillier from Aquamarine Consultancy in Palma.

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Shining in the sunlight

Red Bull really does have wings, here they are speeding through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

Just LOOK at these two cuties

They probably have no idea that they have two of the best seats in the house! Maybe they’re distracted by the boats?

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Peaking in through the wire

You don’t get much closer to the track than this! Usually it’s only the fire marshals and members of the press who can take photos like this one.

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Maybe Lewis is safer on the track?

Lewis Hamilton out and about on his other favourite mode of transport, hope he didn’t fall in!

When boats trump cars

These yachts are parked in some of the most exclusive berths available during the Monaco Grand Prix. What better way to watch the racing than sitting on the sundeck with your friends and a glass of champagne? If you’re interested in one of these spots for next year, contact the charter team at West Nautical.

When pictures are louder than words

Huge congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on his win with Ferrari, their 10th at the Monaco Grand Prix!

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The look of pure happiness

We just couldn’t leave this one out, what a look of joy. Cool dance moves Seb!

So beautiful by night

The port looks so peaceful, it’s hard to imagine the squeal of tyres and revving of engines just hours earlier.

Check out this vintage shot

This event really is an institution, and it’s been running since way back in 1929! It’s amazing how the technology and cars (and yachts) have developed since then. What a time to be alive!

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