Finding positions on the same yaacht is a common inquiry. Are you wondering about the feasibility of working together, how long it takes to secure your jobs, how common couple-friendly opportunities are? While there’s no fixed rule, Wilsonhalligan Recruitment is here to discuss working together as a couple in yachting. Remember – persist and stay positive!

What’s Best? Applying Individually Or Together?

For those seeking employment as a couple on a yacht, one approach is to apply individually. While there are a few ‘couple-friendly’ positions around, presenting yourselves as individuals opens up more opportunities and helps you establish a favourable relationship with the boat. This enhances the chances of advocating for your partner when the right opportunity arises.

Keep separate CVs – this showcases your professionalism and demonstrates the ability to separate personal matters from your career.

Alternatively, couples can always be upfront about their goal of working together. There’s nothing stopping in your way from pursuing positions for both of you. While this approach may take more time, it aligns with your personal preferences. Be prepared to develop a strategy to cope with a potentially longer timeframe… Job hunting might mean reassessing plans if the process takes longer than expected.

Build Experience Independently

Building individual experience over a season or two can significantly improve your chances of securing positions together. View it as a short-term sacrifice for long-term gains.

Pros & Cons

While working together may provide companionship on board and a reliable confidant after busy days, it’s essential to acknowledge potential challenges. Loneliness may still be a factor, and the perceived ideal situation may not always be the best option.

Ultimately, working together as a couple in yachting is a decision only you can make. It depends on various factors. Each couple is unique, and every boat has different dynamics so it isn’t for everyone!

Nevertheless, with determination, couples can find positions that align with their preferences and needs in the yachting industry.

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