Long hours and extensive time away from loved ones are typical in the Superyacht industry and can be challenging, but the generous pay reflects the sacrifices made. It is for this reason that many people fail to smoothly transition out of yachting and remain stuck in the industry, perhaps for years after they intended to leave.

Working with a tight-knit crew and travelling without expense can be really difficult to leave behind. Although yachting offers many advantages, there may come a time when you decide you prefer solid ground to teak, and you want to pursue a life with your feet on solid ground.

In order to mentally prepare yourself to leave the industry you may want to follow a few of these pointers…

Yachting can be a lucrative and exciting career, but it comes at the expense of other areas of your life that you may not want to neglect, especially if you want to start a family or focus on your relationships. It might be time for a change if you’re bored or stagnant or feel there’s little room to progress if you catch yourself daydreaming out the porthole, or if you’ve learned everything you can from your experience. The decision can seem daunting, but it can help to have a clear idea of what you want.

Remember what your values are and what fulfils you

Take some time to remember your personal values and look to what truly gives you fulfilment, this will act as your guide and can be your anchor when you are attempting to make difficult decisions. Perhaps reconnecting with friends and family members can help to rebalance your sense of self outside of the industry.

Reconnect with interests and hobbies

There may be other interests that you’d love to pursue work-wise but have never thought about how to actually do this. By remembering what excites you and interests you, you can begin to build up an idea of what kind of area you would like to move onto next. Start by picking up some old hobbies you haven’t had time for whilst working, reconnect with the things you have always had a natural interest in but haven’t ever thought of turning into a profession and the results could surprise you.

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Get financial advice

Leaving a well-paid and stable income can be incredibly daunting, and in present times it may feel like a risky choice to make. However, chances are with some guidance you will be able to manage your resources to great success. Seek advice from a professional advisor, such as CrewFO, who will help you formulate a plan and settle any nerves you may have about a potential period of unemployment. It may also help to speak to any friends or contacts who have made similar transitions to gain further insight. 

Practice self-care

The pressure to be successful and present ourselves as high achievers can be overwhelming. Practising some self-care for a period of time before immediately jumping to your next move could be the welcome rest that your mind and body need. Feeling rested and giving yourself some space can help you to make better decisions and is important for your mental well-being. 

Knowing your worth is crucial when making career decisions and having a good support system around you will help to boost your confidence and bolster the sense of self you already have within you.

For financial advice on how to smoothly transition out of yachting, visit the CrewFO website.

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