Anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 8 weeks (or on a particularly long charter) will probably have heard of something taking place on ITV2, called Love Island.

How can I describe it? Well, it’s kind of like Big Brother, only the contestants are actively encouraged to engage in undercover activities on camera, for the enjoyment of about 2.5 million members of the British public who have little else to do between 9 and 10pm every night.

Image Credit: ITV2

The girls are hot, the boys are toned, and the conversation is about as basic as it gets; but somehow this show has captured the UK under a unique spell. I’m told most people are either in the ‘Kem and Amber’ camp or the ‘Camilla and Jamie’ camp. Just so you know.

So why are we telling you this? Well, last night the show’s most fractious couple, Chris and Olivia, were treated to a ‘superyacht date’ on board what looked like a Princess in the waters around Mallorca. On what might have been one of the slowest cruises in the Med, the two lovebirds sipped champagne and generally talked about their feelings….yuk ?

Image Credit: ITV2

Interested? Probably not, but the girls in our office were so excited about this that they absolutely insisted we run an article IMMEDIATELY. And employee happiness is important, remember that.

Click below to see the clip for yourself.

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