The 2017 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show is almost here, and as we count down the days, our thoughts are turning to how we want to spend our time there.

We’ve whittled it down to 8 key points for you to think about…


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From glitz to glamour- Monaco has it all. A night in the Hermitage might set you back almost the cost of your own superyacht, but surely it’s worth it to be rubbing shoulders with some of the Monaco Yacht Show elite?

One of our favourite spots has always been the Hotel Port Palace– it’s super central, and a great place to sneak off for a quiet chat and cup of tea when the quayside is just too hectic.

If you’re travelling on a budget then perhaps look further outside Monaco; Cap D’Ail and Menton are often popular and easily accessible by train or taxi. Be warned though- if you’re out partying and miss the last train home it’s a pretty epic walk!

Monaco pros tend to favour Beausoleil as it’s walking distance from the port, but not so central that it costs an arm and a leg. That being said, be prepared to climb a few steep flights of steps on the way back up the hill in the early hours!


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Getting lunch at the Monaco Yacht Show can be a tricky business. If you’re not lucky enough to be invited onboard a boat, and your invite to one of the sponsors events got lost in the marina, then you’ll probably be asking yourself ”what’s a guy/gal got to do to get a bite to eat around here?”.

Stars n Bars is the obvious choice of course; their burger and beer selection are about as unpretentious as you can get in Monaco, and the location (right next to the where the Yachting Pages terrace sits traditionally) is absolutely perfect for catching familiar passers-by and dragging them over to consume a lunchtime beverage or two.

If seafood is more your bag, then Quai Des Artistes is also close by and boasts a serious selection of delicacies fit for any VIP. The extensive menu makes for some excellent reading; look out for the ‘Forkbeard Fish’ or ‘Dog’s Cockles’ if you want a taste of the extraordinary.

Finally, investigate the Rue Caroline if Italian food is your preference- Monaco is famous for its Italian contingent and the array of old favourites that can be found here is simply stunning.


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Eating is, famously, cheating. Bravo if you’ve managed to make it to dinner time without being roped into a drinks event on somebody’s stand, ruining your appetite as you tuck into your seventh can of Heineken. Usually, this comes after having lost your colleagues earlier when you got ambushed by some tedious sales-rep who just wouldn’t take the hint.

Anyhow, Monaco is renowned for its cuisine; the long history of French and Italian influence has created a culinary landscape which is both rich and varied.

One year we were introduced to a magnificent place called Il Terrazzino, which boasted one of the most authentic Italian tasting selections imaginable. Highly recommended if you want to get away from the show and enjoy the peace and quiet of a Mediterranean evening.

A famous name for meat lovers in town is, of course, Beef Bar, and you’ll do well wining and dining potential clients here so long as they aren’t vegetarians. The cocktail list is extensive too, and you could even take home a nice cut of meat for a rather opulent midnight-snack from their legendary Butchers Shop.


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Now we’re talking! It’s no secret that the Monaco Yacht Show is a place where the superyacht world’s elite gather to get completely plastered.

That smartly-dressed broker who came onboard earlier with a Russian Billionaire in tow- he’s right now swinging his jacket around his head in Rascasse and necking highballs I’ll guarantee. Speaking of which, ACREW has reportedly taken both floors of the iconic club-on-the-corner again this year. They’ll have DJs and all of the usual entertainment in place- so make sure you get your invite quick!

Anyone who has been to the show (or indeed Monaco in general) will know that the string of bars along the port from Le Brasserie to Le Before are perfect locations to meet your next big client, drain the bar of tequila shots, or dance the night away with a cute young yacht agent. If you’re looking for late night action with a bit more class, then head over to Buddha Bar near the Casino or Jimmy’z if you’re feeling truly hip.

Of course, you might not have time for hitting the bars if you’re lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive show event- which leads us onto our next point…


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Being on the guest list at an exclusive Monaco party is a pretty good place to be for any show-goer, and earns you a certain degree of bragging rights.

“Will I see you at the [insert yacht company] party tonight?”, you’ll hear someone braying loudly at a colleague in the Darse-Sud- knowing full-well that their opposite number is a ‘not-worthy’. Monaco (and life) is like that sometimes, but we all just have to grin and bear it- unless you’re on that god-damned list of course!

Still, it’s good to be in the know of course; and know-you-should about the MYBA Soiree onboard LEGEND, a former Soviet icebreaker; the MYS Inaugural Party… always a who’s who at the show; the uber-exclusive impossible to get into Lurssen gala; the Icon Connect “Blue is the New Black” shindig at the Palace and the famous Gym Marine Tequila Marathon/Fiesta at any-given-bar on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday night.


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Like all good yacht show attendees, I take all of my fashion tips from the Boat International Women’s Style Guide. Problem is, I blew my whole wardrobe fund at MYBA Barcelona show this year partying with the Burgess crowd, so it’s back to H&M for now with my tail between my legs.

Fortunately, it turns out you can still look ream on a budget. Take into account that it is almost certainly going to be blisteringly hot (unless it rains, when it will be merely pretty-hot, but also sodding wet). Taking a jacket might seem like a good idea in the morning, but you’ll be cursing the damned thing as you climb onboard your 10th yacht on Thursday unable to remove it due to killer sweat patches.

Walking. You’re going to be doing lots of walking. Wear comfortable shoes. I’m not sure how to make this any more clear.

Lastly, if you are planning on staying out and partying then try and find a safe place to leave your briefcase/handbag/tote bag full of brochures and business cards before you hit the tiles. Losing your entire Monaco Yacht Show contacts list could be an utter disaster, especially if your boss finds out!


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Of course, it’s the yachts we’re all here for, and aren’t they just marvellous?! Everybody has their own preference, and there will for certain be some boats that you simply can’t miss.

Large motoryachts like JUBILEE and AQUARIUS will have everybody queuing up to get onboard (good luck if you’re not a broker with a sheik or two in tow…), while sailboat fans will be keen to have a nose around the new PINK GIN VI.


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What would your ultimate yacht have onboard? A superyacht gym, a massive infinity pool, beach club, helipad- the list goes on…

Left to the professionals these projects are truly awe-inspiring. Superstar designers and shipyards usually take the time to show off their finest work at the Monaco Yacht Show.

This year we are particularly looking forward to seeing more of the upcoming conversion project RAGNAR at Icon Yachts. With recent conversion-success story LEGEND in attendance, this is sure to be a hot topic at the show.

So there we have it, our comprehensive guide to the Monaco Yacht Show 2017. If you fancy meeting up for a chat in Monaco to get an extra boost online for your brand with social media or content marketing, then do please write to us on or call +44 203 488 0750.

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