Just when you thought that you’d seen it all in bringing yachting closer to your favourite pastimes, Gray Design/ Zeus Twelve stepped it up to get the hole in one. Here is their golf themed superyacht, Fairwei, designed for sports enthusiasts and dedicated players of the game.

PGA member and private professional golf trainer extraordinaire who specialises in teaching golf to clients on board of superyachts, Francis Jacquemin, introduces us to the 105m (344ft) Fairwei – the ultimate golf lovers dream yacht!

Who’s behind the Fairwei yacht design?

Gray Design is an award-winning international design studio with a focus on innovative and highly characteristic industrial design. The studio loves good ideas and flawlessly packages them into striking designs that balance proportion, function and fluidity. Fairwei is no exception and behind its design is the studio’s owner, Eduard Gray, who as a golf fan himself, was inspired by his own hobby to conceptualise Fairwei for a fellow golf fan and yacht enthusiast and mutual client from Hong Kong.

How does Fairwei move away from traditional?

Renowned for always looking for ways to add drama and wonder into the yachting life, Gray and his studio perfectly married the concept of golf as a hobby with the more conventional use of a yacht. Frankly, I find it is pure genius and a breath of fresh air for my clients whom I already teach on board their yachts or when they feel like chartering.

How did the Fairwei project come about?

Image Credit: graydesign.se

The project was born out of the rising interest in Asia for yachts that are designed for being a meeting and recreational place rather than just a seagoing vessel. Incorporating the golf into this design ensured that the owners and users can get the most out of their time on the on board. The large open areas of the deck allow plenty of space to practice a short game and the spacious tee area on top of the yacht allows for some of the best drives in the world.

How does the Fairwei draw parallels to the game of golf?

My clients are all about experience and Fairwei delivers just that while pursuing heightened levels of perfection, refinement and the all important experience. By swapping endless greens for the open seas and having the opportunity to play golf from the deck of your own private super yacht, you achieve a sense of complete luxury as this is something particularly unique.

What makes Fairwei the ultimate yacht for golf aficionados?

The yacht is particularly special in that it offers an enhanced environment of relaxation matched with dedicated areas to practice all types of golf moves. To give you an idea, there are pleasant green areas throughout the outside spaces. There is a tee off point to practice drives above the flydeck, while the deck at the side and aft has chipping and putting greens to work on the short game.

The interior meanwhile has been kept minimalistic and uses simplistic colour schemes together with crystal embellishments to add a touch of the ethereal.  An indoor swimming pool and spa division create the perfect calm for unwinding and feeling refreshed. Similar to what we expect from a golf club, Fairwei brings it up a notch by including the full package, while on board your very own luxury floating palace.

Is blue the new green?

Certainly is! Any marine environment works with what I do with my clients. From ecological and biodegradable golf balls releasing natural fish food in less than 48 hours, floating targets, ergonomic golf mats to analysis tools like golf swing analyser software and golf shot distance calculator, there is no end of possibilities allowing the experience to be as close as, or indeed even better than what you find on terra firma.

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