We’ve been counting down the days to the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona show since it finished last year and we cannot wait for things to kick off next week. With an incredible line up of yachts, our favourite people from across the industry in attendance, and (according to the forecast) sunshine all week, we reckon this is going to the best MYBA show yet!

Need a little more convincing? Well, this is just some of what you can expect…

Beautiful yachts (obviously)

Image credit: edmiston.com

Yeah ok, we’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. If you checked out our blog on the biggest boats in the show you will already have a bit of an idea of what to expect. Since publishing, in the league of big boats LEGEND at 77m has been knocked off the top spot by ALFA NERO – who comes into first place at 82m. MARTHA ANN is another recent confirmation and completes the list at 70.1m. This means there will be seven yachts over 70m in attendance – a record for the show!

Of course, it isn’t all about size and there is going to be a fantastic selection of yachts on offer no matter what size range is most appropriate for your clients. With a jam-packed marina at One Ocean Port Vell, you will be sure to find exactly what you’re after.

There is going to be a lot of great food

Barcelona is a foodie heaven. From tapas to paella your taste buds will be sizzling so make the time to check out some of the great restaurants on offer.

You won’t have to venture far as around the marina alone, there is a lot of choice. If you’re after seafood make sure you check out Barceloneta, head to La Bombeta if you’re after a truly authentic Catalan experience and if you’re happy to venture a little further in to town, Acces with absolutely knock your socks off.

No time to leave the show? Well, don’t worry because some of the best provisioners in the business are going to be in attendance, and their stands inside the MYBA Charter Show are ones not to miss. The Mansueto Group has been in the business for years and are well known for both their impeccable wine selection and the exquisite food selection that is all personally selected by the Mansueto family. Also make sure you seek out Dutch brand Neko Yacht Supply, who have put together a vast selection of fine foods and beverages from across the world, working with only with best quality ingredients available.

Both these stands will offer a mouth-watering experience and their own drinks events, so go and check them out!

A flavour of competition

Image credit: jjperrychef.com

There are going to be a variety of crew focused competitions taking place throughout the week and they’re kind of a big deal.

Yacht chefs who choose to enter the competition and are successful will automatically enter the rest of their crew for the table display and ‘meet and greet’ competitions (no pressure guys). Judging will take place over three days and yachts will be split into categories according to their size (56m+, 43m – 55m and under 42m).

Chefs will be expected to put together five different finger foods along with a full-size dish which must be served within 25 minutes or they will be eliminated. The table displays will be set for either lunch or dinner with the theme ‘MYBA 30th Anniversary’, whilst the meet and greet team will have to welcome the judges as if they were charter guests. With prizes at stake and reputations on the line, the competition is fierce!

The weather is going to be glorious

Image credit: Paolo Gallo

Ok, so maybe some of you from warmer climbs wouldn’t quite describe it as ‘glorious’, but with highs of 20 degrees next week those of us that haven’t seen the sun in months are getting pretty excited (and panic packing sun cream). Given that’s it’s tradition for it to always rain at yacht shows, it’s probably a good idea to pack your brolly just in case though…

The nightlife will be rocking

Some of us will be able to have an absolutely cracking night out without even leaving the show, but if you’re really desperate to hit the town, you are never going to run out of options in Barcelona.

From aftershow parties to the infamous yacht hop, you will be in networking heaven. With a cocktail in hand, you’ll be rubbing shoulders will all sorts of industry experts and catching up with all those pals you only ever get to see at the yacht shows.

If you’re on the hunt for cocktails and keen to get out into the city make sure you head to the El Born district. Collage is fab, or if you’re feeling a bit peckish why not try out Creps al Born, because what could be nicer than crepes and cocktails??

If you’re looking for a totally wild time though go to Razzmatazz. With 5 different clubs in one, there’s a reason it’s arguably Barcelona’s number one spot…

Featured image: robbreport.com

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