Set your GPS to Porto Montenegro, one of the newest superyacht hotspots in the Mediterranean, for the MYBA Pop-up Superyacht Show from September 8th to the 10th. From its outstanding natural beauty to its yacht-friendly tax and legislation policies, it’s a well-known fact now that the area has been rapidly developing its infrastructure and the yachting industry has been taking notice. Can there be a better spot, far from the traditional “milk run”, to mingle with international charter brokers, to see some of the hottest charter yachts on the market, and to learn more about this beautiful region?

From the majesty of the mountains, the mystery of the ice caves, and the magic of the islands of Montenegro, this is a stellar and diverse cruising destination. From here set your compass any which way and you’ll head into heaven: The Dalmatian coast, Croatia, Italy, Greece, and a fabulous 4000 islands to find and forage.

The MYBA Pop-up Superyacht Show in Porto Montenegro is located in the heart of the Bay of Kotor, rich with activities for both the adventurous and those looking to get away from it all. There is no better way to explore this area than from aboard a luxury yacht for a weeklong charter. You can zip line across it, ski down it, dive to its depths, and hike 3,000 kilometres of its ancient pathways and trails all in one day. Gorge yourself in blueberry fields (if no-one’s looking of course) and have a traditional kick-start to your day (yes for breakfast!) with the ‘multifunctional’ local liqueur made from quince, cherry, apple, pear, grape or prune rakija.

Intrigued? First, register for the show. (And no you don’t need to wait… the registration fee is uber-yacht friendly and fully refundable should you book at last minute charter for that week!) Second, get ready to be amazed. And third, pack a few strategic items so your guests can experience all this area has to offer. Here’s what we think you’ll need!


Picture Montenegro and in your mind’s eye you will see the Bay of Kotor, the UNESCO towns of Perast and Kotor, and the island of ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’. This man-made islet was the brainchild of two tired sailors (c1452) who spotted a Madonna and Child in the shallows of the Bay and decided to build a sanctuary of thanks for their safe return. They dropped stones around the spot where the icon was found and slowly created an islet where they built a small chapel. Traditionally, sailors drop rocks in the water around the chapel before a voyage to contribute to the strength of its foundations and to ask the Virgin Mother to bring them safely home. So, have a few at the ready for your guests to toss in as a little extra insurance that your week will be spectacular!


This is the perfect way for charter guests to visit the sixteen palaces and nineteen churches of the quaint town of Perast, a little slice of Venice that floated down the Adriatic and anchored itself to the Bay of Kotor. It’s ‘gone green’ thanks to funding from the Italian Government, so pedal yer’ bike or Segway through it. And don’t worry about the guests getting lost. Incredibly, this tiny town has only one main street!


For the adventurous, exploring the wrecks beneath the waves will be a highlight for a charter exploring the mysteries of the ancient world. If they fancy a more modern dive, guide them towards the Patrol Ship PBR 512 (intentionally sunk for rocket practice in 1983), the WW1 Austro-Hungarian Destroyer Zenta, the WW1 Bouclier Class French Destroyer Dague, (she struck a mine in 1915) and a WW2 Airplane Wreck (a mystery, discovered in 2008). There are also a number of cave diving spots and fantastic reefs that will keep diving enthusiasts busy for days.


Happy feet on board? Step off the boat and walk over to Platinum, one of the hottest nightclubs in the area to dance ‘till the wee hours of the morning. And it’ll be the shortest transfer back to the yacht you’ll ever have to organise since the club is located inside Porto Montenegro. Or venture a little further out to Budva where cool breezes and free flowing cocktails will keep revellers refreshed at the Tophill Club. Aptly named, it is one of the most spectacular open-air nightclubs, on a hill of course, in the Med.


Ada Bojana is a small island formed at the tip of the Bojana River and the Adriatic Sea, and it’s the southernmost point of Montenegro. Its three-kilometre sandy beach creates the perfect spot to bring your guests for a day of kite flying or windsurfing with beautiful walks along the shore for those who want a bit of land-based relaxation. Lunch at Kod Miska for fantastic seafood is a must and then sail from the restaurant to the delta of the Bojana River and the Adriatic Sea. Swim in the clear, turquoise waters off the coast to finish off the day!

The 2017 MYBA Pop-Up Superyacht Show at Porto Montenegro is an exceptional opportunity to explore all that this region has to offer and this is just a small taste of what your guests can experience here. For more information on registration check out the website at and you can e-mail Or just click on the banner below!

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