What a roller coaster trip, it has felt like a week and a moment all at the same time and we have fallen in love with Montenegro. This year’s MYBA Pop-up Superyacht Show in Porto Montenegro has been a treat to attend and they could not have done more to show off what this tiny country has to offer.

Day 3 was our biggest yet, here’s what we got up to…

It was an honour to walk the show with industry veteran Eel Kant, the man responsible for a rather exciting infrastructure project due to take place in Montenegro in future.

Eel spent many years at Feadship before leaving to become one of the founding team at a fledgeling shipyard called OceanCo. Now he is working with Damen Shipyards to bring a superyacht refit facility to an abandoned shipyard in Montenegro. His yacht building knowledge is second to none!

We snooped about in some pretty sweet engine rooms; this one belongs to ICE LADY- I could have spent hours down here!

We love admiring the beautiful interiors of the superyachts we are lucky to visit, but there's something rather amazing…

Posted by Superyacht Content on Sunday, 10 September 2017

Returning to REVE D’OR, we were reminded not to touch anything in the ECR.

Captain Ian hasn’t been in touch so we assume no damage was caused…

We took a high-speed boat tour through the bay and landed at the incredible ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’

Did you know that fisherman spent many years trying to build this platform from piles of rocks? The first 100 years were a disaster, but after using shipwrecks from the area as a base they finally managed it, though it took 100 more years. And then another 100 to build the church itself! Dedication.

Fresh of the boat and walking down the dock, we were invited on a helicopter ride. And. It. Was. Unreal.

Here is a cool shot of Porto Montenegro from above:

And this is the mighty GOLDEN ODYSSEY.

The show finished in its traditional manner with a harmony of yacht horns.

That’s a wrap

Thank you, Porto Montenegro and MYBA for such a great show and for helping us to experience what an amazing destination this really is. Can we come back yet?

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