We recently caught up with Natalia Langsdale, owner and managing director of the forward-thinking marketing and PR company Bright Creativity. As a multi-lingual, multi-talented young professional in yachting, Natalia is a role model to other budding entrepreneurs looking to excel in the Superyacht Industry. Whether that be crew looking towards their life after yachting, or individuals wanting to grow up the ladder.

Learn more by continuing to read our Interview with Natalia Langsdale, Managing director of Bright Creativity as we discuss career highlights, preferred dinner party guests, and cheese-of-choice…because who doesn’t love cheese.

Where are you currently located?

In a plush office chair in my sunny office (Bright Creativity HQ), located in the paradise of the Côte d’Azur, namely Villefranche Sur Mer.

Bright Creativity Hq is loactedin Villefranche Sur Mer, France

Was becoming a business owner always an aspiration of yours, or did you have other plans growing up?

I believe it was at the tender age of 6 or 7 years old that I dreamed of reaching for the stars and becoming an air stewardess. Even when I was young, I already spoke three languages, and I believe that my uncanny determination and ambition (as is the characteristic of a true Capricorn), meaning that although I might not be an air stewardess today, I did aim high to join the high-flying society! I have worked for private aviation companies in London and Monaco and I now manage high-end projects (primarily within the aviation and yachting industry), so I can say that I haven’t veered too much off the whole “flying theme” mark.

Up to this day, what has been the highlight of your career path?

My career highlight has got to be the day I realised that I was born to be my own boss and created my very own forward-thinking marketing & PR company, Bright Creativity. After years of doing things by the book and following others’ direction, I finally matured to realise that I needed to take the plunge and learn to spread my wings by myself.

This is years after being a runner-up in the ‘Best Young Marketer’ category of the prestigious Luxuria Awards along with an accolade of personal and professional successes along the way.

Would you rather own your own yacht or charter yachts?

I would rather charter to better be able to see the wonders of the seven seas on board a variety of superyachts, minus limitations. I have yet to see the ultimate superyacht in my definition of the term, so until that day comes I will envisage chartering as a tradition in my family.

“The day I realised that I was born to be my own boss was the highlight of my career.”

Ok, so you’re on your charter yacht for a week – Are you partying on the sundeck until daybreak, seeking relaxation in the Superyacht Spa or exploring the ocean coves?

Definitely exploring hidden coves with my GoPro at the ready! My husband and I are avid travellers and my favourite hashtag is #lifethroughalens, so I think it speaks for itself. Life is made to explore and within that remit comes relaxation and partying in second and third place respectively.

If you could name an individual in the Superyacht industry who’s aspired you in your journey to success, who would it be?

I have my favourites but telling would be giving it all away! Being part of the board of Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco, I really see the young generation of yachties as truly inspirational and ones I look up to. They are the future and are the ones who will steer the industry in a new and exciting direction, exactly like we are trying to do at Bright Creativity.

ypy - Young professional In yachting Monaco

Top 3 dinner party guests and why:

1. Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland, Sweden (RIP).

I have a very fond memory of our encounter when I was a child. Singing at Christmas as a pupil at British Primary School Stockholm. She took a shining to me and came up to me, patted me on the head, and commented that I was a strong character (like herself a redhead). I remember her saying that I would have a beautiful and successful future.

I would like to have a chance to thank her for her words as an adult and to tell her that those words stuck with me and have always secretly been my motivation to keep trying harder and pushing farther. She was an elegant lady with an air of positivity and calm charisma that would show some people today what ethics were all about and would be the perfect dinner party guest.

2. My mother, Anna Langsdale (RIP): She was the heart and soul of any party! To this day her friends and myself cannot compare anyone who can bring a party alive as she could. Those who knew her in Monaco can vouch for that!

3. Lapo Elkann: A fellow creative entrepreneur and one not shy of being controversial. It would be amazing to see how a dinner party would fare in his presence. I have witnessed his witty sense of humour and completely random comments at a yachting conference, so can only imagine what would happen over dinner!

Boat Show talk. Out of Monaco Yacht Show, Antigua Yacht Show, and Flibs, which would be your favorite?

Monaco Yacht Show for me is the only one I have had the opportunity to attend all these years, but that’s all bound to change and I can envisage Antigua as being a good one.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Happily reminiscing on the past ten years as a successful entrepreneur whose path was marked by a bunch of coincidences that were all worth it!

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