The time of year is upon us to rejoice in some festive cheer with your fellow crew members, make some festive cocktails, and dig out the itchy Christmas jumpers. But in the midst of busy yacht life, finding Secret Santa gifts for each other is likely to be a task you have little time for, and finding gifts that won’t end up in the charity pile is an even more daunting task. 

It can be difficult to know what to buy for the Chief Stewardess with a thousand skin care products, the Captain with particular taste, or the Engineer with a desk full of gadgets. We have made your life easier by providing a list of some of the best Secret Santa gifts under £50 for every crew member – gifts that they will actually love!

Secret Santa Gifts For Every Crew Member Under £50

Secret Santa gifts for Chief Stewardesses:

Likely in need of some pampering treats, make your head of interior feel seen this Christmas with these luxury yet low-key treats that are sure to encourage some much needed self-care.

Silk Eye Mask

Silky eye mask gift for sleeping

There’s nothing more conducive to a good nights sleep than a silky eye mask – Click Here To Buy.

Shower Steamer 

Shower steamer bars gift

No bath? No worries. These shower steamer bombs are packed with essential oils and provide a luxury shower experience that is the next best thing to soaking in the tub – Click here to buy

Papier Daily Planner

Give the gift of organisation with these stylish daily planners by Papier.
Click Here To Buy 

Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Charbonnel Champagne Truffles for secret santa

When in doubt, go for chocolate or champagne, or both. These luxury chocolates are indulgent enough to win you some brownie points on cabin inspection day – Click Here To Buy. 

Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcase secret santa

A must-have for adding an extra level of comfort to anyone’s cabin – Click Here To Buy.

Secret Santa gifts for interior crew members:

Yoga enthusiast? Skin care aficionado? We have you covered with these secret Santa ideas for your interior team members.

Ice globe facial massagers

Ice Globe Massager Duo - Facial Gift

Instant stress relief after a long day – Click Here To Buy

Ankle weights set

Ankle/wrist weight secret santa

With limited space it can be tricky to keep up with exercise routines, these ankle weights are the perfect option for any crew member who wants to stay fit without leaving their cabin – Click Here To Buy

Heatless Curlers

heated curler secret santa

A Tik-Tok favourite, these heatless curlers are perfect for achieving glamorous hair overnight!
Click Here To Buy

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Coffee body scrub secret santa

Frank’s best-selling body scrub is a stocking-filler favourite, now available in limited edition ‘Ugly Sweater’ packaging – Click Here To Buy

Makeup Revolution The Grinch x Revolution Mean One Shadow Palette

Grinch makeup palette gift

A fun makeup palette for grumpy grinch lovers – Click Here To Buy

Secret Santa gifts for Yacht Chefs:

Pamper the hands that feeds you with these Chef friendly gift ideas – perfect for galley dwellers.

Iphone/Camera Travel Tripod 

iphone tripod gift

Any chef that likes to record videos in the Galley needs one of these! – Click Here To Buy

Photo Box

Portable photo box santa gift

Another must-have for chefs wanting to improve their Instagram grid with amazing photos of their culinary creations – Click Here To Buy

Collapsible Coffee Cup

Collapsible cup gift

The perfect Secret Santa gift for busy chefs on provision runs, a collapsible coffee cup that won’t add more weight to their shopping bags! – Click Here To Buy

Pizza Word Game

Pizza card game secret santa gift

A food themed card game for Christmas, what’s not to love? – Click Here To Buy

Tumaz Foot Roller

foot massager gift

Trust us, every chef will be thanking you for this one! A thoughtful and portable gadget for chefs that are on their feet all day – Click Here To Buy

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Secret Santa gifts for Yacht Engineers:

Yacht Engineers, potentially the hardest to buy for? Here are our top picks of fun yet useful Secret Santa gifts for those with permanently greasy hands.

Smartphone portable phone projector

smartphone projector secret santa gift

Perfect for after-work drinks on the dock, this portable phone projector is sure to produce a smile – Click Here To Buy

Mini Hot-Sauce Keyring

Sriracha key ring gift

There’s always a hot-sauce fiend onboard, so why not gift them with portable spiciness with these Sriracha key-rings? – Click Here To Buy

iPhone Charger And Bottle Opener Keychain

Multi-tool charger gift

This nifty gift is an iPhone charger and bottle opener in one. Handy for frequent travellers and perfect for anyone who tends to misplace things. – Click Here To Buy

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Kiehl's hand cream gift

Help to soothe overworked hands with this luxe hand salve from Kiehl’s – Click Here To Buy

Beard Bib

shaving apron secret santa

Bearded folk will love this ‘beard apron’ to attach to their cabin mirror and collect their trimmings – Click Here To Buy

Secret Santa gifts for Captains:

Bring holiday cheer to the master of the ship with these practical yet indulgent gift ideas.

Le Creuset Mug

Le creuset mug gift

Everyone loves a personal mug, and no brand does it better than Le Creuset. This charcoal version will look stylish on any desk – Click Here To Buy

Gentlemen’s Hardware Collar Stiffeners

collar stiffeners secret santa

Important meeting? These collar stiffeners will help to achieve a sharper look and really dress to impress – Click Here To Buy

Anker Wireless Charger

wireless charger gift

Who has time for cables in 2022? This wireless charger is a must have for anyone with bedside phone needs – Click Here To Buy

Multi-tool Pen

multi-tool pen secret santa

This stylish looking pen includes a mini spirit Level, 4 Rulers, Mini Flat Head Screwdriver, Mini Cross Head Screwdriver, and Touch Screen Stylus, what else could they need in their top pocket? – Click Here To Buy

Happy Socks Bauble Gift Box

Happy socks gift

When in doubt, go for socks. Happy Socks always deliver, with many prints to choose from, just pick a print based on what you most want to see in the crew mess – Click Here To Buy

Secret Santa gifts for Deck Crew:

These gifts are sure to be easy-pleasers for hard working Deckies. 

Insulated beer can cooler

Beer cooler gift

A must-have for downtime in warmer climates, a beer can cooler will come in handy for those elusive beach days during season – Click Here To Buy

Herd mentality card game

Herd mentality game secret santa gift

Here’s one the whole crew can enjoy, test your crew closeness with Herd Mentality, where you try to guess the most likely answers of the group. A great way to pass the time during a crossing.
Click Here To Buy

Bodum pour-over coffee maker

Bodum coffee pourer gift

For crew members who are particular about their morning coffee. This Bodum pour-over coffee dripper is a travel friendly item for those who prefer ground coffee over the Crew Mess Nespresso machine.
Click Here To Buy

Scratch The World Map

Scratch the world map gift

Perfect cabin decor. Scratch off destinations as you cruise!
Click Here To Buy

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Waterproof phone pouch secret santa gift

Perfect for wash downs, this pouch with lanyard will help to prevent your deck crew’s phones from taking mid-season dips.
Click Here To Buy

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