Finding a berth in one of the most sought after destinations in the Med can be a challenge, but what about two? OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona and Sovren Ibiza have just announced, what we think, is a genius opportunity to grab a guaranteed berth in both locations, placing you throughout the year in two of the most sought after destinations in the Med. The three packages, offered for 3, 6 or 12 months provide guaranteed summer mooring at Sovren Ibiza and a winter berth at OneOcean Port Vell.

What’s the story?

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Despite its high level of popularity, over the years Ibiza has offered limited docking facilities for superyachts, meaning many choose to base themselves in Palma, but Sovren Ibiza is changing all that. In case you hadn’t heard they just opened in June and are located in the area formerly occupied by the Marina Port Ibiza Town (right in front of the picturesque old town). There are 16 berths available which can accommodate superyachts from 60 to 185 metres.

Sound familiar?

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You may recognize the name as the parent company also runs a number of international yachting brands including the Maha Yacht Club, Sovren Crew (formerly known as Dovaston), Sovren Nautical & Premium Services (offering yacht clearance and air charter) and Sovren Events (providing in house catering facilities and venues available for private events). The parent company, Sovren House Group, also operates the International Yacht Register (IYR) that covers chartering, new build project management and on-going operational management, so you can be sure that the marina has all the services and support you could possibly need.

What about winter?!

After a spectacular summer in the bustling social scene of Ibiza, it makes sense to move on to OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona. Spending the winter here is hugely popular; in a marina chock-full of shoreside amenities designed to satisfy crew and guests alike. Yachts wintering at OneOcean Port Vell benefit from the TPA tax-free scheme in one of the few European yachting hubs where a VAT exemption is offered, which results in substantial cost savings for owners undertaking winter works.

Location location location

It is the only superyacht marina of its scale in a major city centre (just steps away from downtown Barcelona) accommodating vessels up to 190 meters. Fresh from hosting the MYBA Charter Show in April of this year, OneOcean Port Vell has impressed the industry with all it has to offer to over 55 superyachts available for charter. From The Gallery, offering crew and business services; to bespoke concierge amenities in addition to the private members OneOcean Club; the award-winning destination is on its way to becoming the most comprehensive and well-known superyacht marina in the world.

The summer/winter berthing packages are limited. For more information please contact OneOcean Marina Port Vell

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