There is a misconception surrounding the maritime industry that a yachting career is fun and easy. From the great wages to the exciting lifestyle of travelling around the world on beautiful yachts, many people enter their careers with this mindset. However, the long working hours can result in burnout, potential crew tensions, lack of sleep, loneliness, and lack of mental support mean that stress and mental health issues are now a growing concern for the industry.

The ability to navigate challenges with resilience is not just a skill; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a crew member, captain, recruitment manager, management company, yacht broker, or any other professional within the industry, understanding oneself and fostering resilient traits is imperative for maintaining wellbeing and achieving peak performance.

Superyacht Fitness, alongside the renowned mind management coach Tracey Jones have provided some guidance to support in the important area of crew resilience….

Building Strong Foundations At The Start of the Season

Before the hustle and bustle of the season kicks in, taking the time to get to know each other on a personal level is an investment in the team’s resilience. Understanding individual strengths, triggers, and motivations lays the foundation for robust teamwork and mutual support.

Effective Communication Skills: The Bedrock Of Team Dynamics

Clear communication is the lifeblood of any successful team, and the superyacht industry is no exception. Trust, honesty, humility versus ego — these are not just words but principles that should guide every interaction. Establishing a culture of transparent and respectful communication contributes to building strong and healthy relationships among crew members.

Emotional Regulation: The Keystone Of Resilience

Onboard, where close quarters and demanding schedules dominate, the ability to manage and express emotions constructively is crucial. Crew members, from captains to the newest recruits, benefit from creating an open dialogue around emotions. This fosters a supportive environment, allowing everyone to thrive even in the face of challenges.

Setting Goals & Finding Purpose: Charting A Course For Success

At the beginning of each season, taking the time to set personal and professional goals is a proactive step towards resilience. Understanding one’s triggers and taking ownership of them are crucial aspects of this process. Knowing the ‘why’ behind your work and personal aspirations instils a sense of purpose that acts as a guiding star, especially during challenging times.

Growth Mindset: Embracing Challenges As Opportunities

Instead of viewing challenges as setbacks, embracing them as opportunities for learning and growth transforms adversity into a stepping stone toward success. Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement fosters adaptability and a positive outlook among crew members.

Self-Care: Nurturing The Core Of Resilience

In the superyacht industry, where demands are relentless, neglecting self-care can be detrimental. Prioritising physical and mental health is not a luxury but a necessity. Adopting self-care practices, whether it’s regular exercise, mindfulness, or simply downtime, contributes significantly to your overall resilience.

Rounding Up: Crew Resilience

Once we better understand the inner workings of our minds, we are better equipped to take control of our behaviours. Resilience onboard is a collective effort that starts with self-awareness, effective communication, and a shared commitment to growth. By fostering a culture of resilience, the superyacht industry can ensure the wellbeing of its professionals and elevate the onboard experience for all.

Mind management, as we call it, is the crucial factor that empowers us to navigate each day productively and release low-level emotions in real time. Understanding and learning various techniques can help crew maintain the balance necessary to cope during busy periods.

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