With superyacht owners searching for the latest and greatest high-end products, we love seeing when two high-quality bespoke companies join forces and work together to provide the best of the best superyacht fitness equipment in the industry.

We have recently introduced you to our latest favourite innovative gym equipment KLINK. Well, do we have news for you!

In mid-July, we introduced you to KLINK (article linked here), the latest bespoke barbells and dumbbells on the market. Klinks equipment is the touch of genius the superyacht gym industry was looking for. Their Fitlok technology has removed the inconvenience of storing multiple weights that we all know well on superyachts. They provided a solution to our storage needs and gave us the ability to personalise their equipment to the yacht.

The News

With KLINK providing a solution for superyachts that are restricted on space, it left a blank space for those with plenty of room. So recently, they have joined forces with MH Luxury Collection. Together, they offer a solution to every facility, large or small, with a truly diverse range of equipment.

Mark Healey is the designer and owner of the MH Luxury Collection. He has over 22 years of experience designing luxury gyms for the elite. Mark began his career as a PT for superyacht owners, spending five years on board the iconic 88m sailing yacht, The Maltese Falcon. He then spent seven years operating between London, Moscow and Miami, where he trained clients and designed bespoke gyms for private markets.

The MH Luxury Collection was born to create a functional yet beautiful line of exercise equipment. It was designed to satisfy those who favour exclusive and luxury. They also offer bespoke branding and have an exceptional team of manufacturers in the UK who have created the collection using premium marine grade steel, F1 Material technology, and premier leather.

So, whether it’s a fully equipped gym, a space-saving set for the crew, or a personalised gift for someone special, then KLINK and MH Luxury Collection have you covered.

Our Top Picks:

Klinks Fitlok Dumbbells 8 – 20

Klinks 8-20 kg Dumbbells are the perfect piece of home gym equipment or to store in your cabin. Ideal for training your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and legs, giving you a full-body workout. Their 8-20 dumbbell set gives you the flexibility to change between 8kg-20kg all from one compact design. Alternatively, you can create one heavy dumbbell up to 32kg. Simply twist it, click it, lift it!

MH Luxury Collection – The Loop Rack

The contemporary design offers a beautiful feature for any gym rather than just the standard storage unit. The Loop Rack will undoubtedly be a discussion point for those enjoying the health & fitness facilities on board with its stainless steel, personalised matching leather, and bespoke markings.

Klink – Compact Storage Case

Klinks unique compact storage case offers a solution to yachts that have to pack down their gym if it is out on deck. Providing a protective and compact storage solution, you can store all weights from the 2-8kg set or 8-20kg set. It also features wheels for easy transport.

MH Luxury Collection – The Polaris Dumbbell

These beautiful 8 cornered dumbells offer smooth and natural symmetry, which will give a luxurious feel to any gym. This dumbbell is perfect for those with the space to store them and offer practical benefits onboard.

Klink – Custom Storage Solutions

In addition to tailored equipment to any specific requirements, Klink also offers custom storage solutions for the permanent gyms onboard.

MH Luxury Collection – The Falcon Bar

The Falcon bar offers a blend of function and style. Whether it’s a single bar or an entire set, these luxury bars provide the ultimate resistance for a workout for all athletes.

To keep up to date with their latest KLINK releases, follow them on Instagram @klinkfitness or like them on Facebook @klinkfitness. The keep up with MH Luxury Collection follow them on Instagram @mhluxurycollection or follow them on Facebook @mhluxcollection

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