Have you reached a plateau in life? Or maybe you’re just feeling unmotivated in recent times.

Going on a transformational retreat can allow you to learn more about yourself and provide you with the tools needed to cope with changes in your life. For instance, many yacht crew will have to face the transitional period of returning to land for work after years at sea. Which, is not easy for many and often leaves yachties feeling lost. Deishaview – Happy healthy home retreat, in the heart of Thailand, will help you to re-connect with yourself and overcome any mental blocks you may have.

About Deishaview

Deishaview Location

Deishaview Healthy Happy Home is a transformational retreat center in Thailand. They operate immersive group-coaching programs designed to help you understand why you’re feeling a certain way and how to change that for the better. Breakthrough is their signature retreat, designed to challenge the fundamental beliefs you hold about the world and who you are so that you can unlock new possibilities in your life and experience more joy, enthusiasm, and connection.

Located in the tropical paradise island of Koh Tao, in the southeast Gulf of Thailand. The venue is secluded and peaceful, set in the hillside away from the town and overlooking the jungle, ocean, and neighbouring Islands.

Yacht crew, as well as professionals from all fields who wish to learn about themselves, improve their quality of life and create unforgettable memories/friendships, are welcome to sign up to Thailands leading transformational retreat. 

However, it is especially relevant for individuals who are:

  • Facing a major life transition – such as a change in relationship or employment status – and wondering what to do next.
  • Looking to build confidence and improve leadership and communication skills.
  • Feeling lost, stuck, or less engaged in work, life, or relationships; perhaps longing for change without knowing what it could be.
  • Clear on the changes they want to make in their life but struggling to implement or maintain them.

Most of us are going through life on autopilot; doing the same things in the same places with the same people, day in day out. Thinking the same thoughts, and feeling the same feelings. We also live to some degree inside our defense mechanisms; unconsciously regulating our thoughts and our feelings to project the personality that we believe the world wants to see. In a manner of speaking, we are out of touch with who we truly are. And, this not only impairs our ability to see clearly what we want to do with our life, but it is also a major source of anxiety and stress. – CEO, Alex Johnson.

Attending a retreat such as Breakthrough creates a space for the mist to clear, and to reconnect with who we are and what we really want. 

Where did Deishaview start?

Meet Alex Johnson - The Founder of Deishaview
Alex- Co-Founder of Deishaview

Deishaview Healthy Happy Home has come about as a result of the life experiences of its Founders. Alex talks about how he was living the life he had dreamt of; earning hundreds of thousands annually whilst working part-time hours and traveling the world. But, found himself feeling more unhappy than ever before. This started a journey of self-inquiry and exploration into the factors influencing happiness and stress in our society. Through this process of discovery, he was able to find a greater sense of purpose, joy, and clarity in his life.  Deishaview Healthy Happy Home has been created to facilitate similar journeys of self-inquiry for its guests and to help people find peace with themselves and go on to have life experiences and create the impact in the world that they truly desire.

Yacht Crew focused FAQ with the founder of Thailands transformational retreat:

Life after yachting is often tricky and many yacht crew ends up asking themselves these 3 questions: Where do I go next? What jobs can I go into that will provide me with a reasonable income? Where do I even start? – How can a transformation retreat help crew that are feeling this exact way? 

A transformational retreat can help crew in this situation on a few levels. First of all, these questions are often coming from a place of stress and anxiety. Decisions around big questions such as “what to do with my life” really want to come from a place of confidence, self-knowledge, and opportunity. Rather than from a mindset of fear and scarcity. Often our mood can make the difference between our life looking like a half-empty glass of warm beer, or a tray full of ice-cold espresso martinis.

Deishaview retreat will help you to distance yourself from the noise and the stressful thoughts and feelings,  perpetuated by your default environments and routines. And then, from a place of confidence and inspiration, you can set about reflecting on your life, your values, your passions, your dreams, and creating an empowering vision for the future. Not forgetting, building a plan to achieve it. I am yet to come across a program that is more effective at achieving this than – Deishaview Breakthrough. 

What will a typical day look like on the 2-week retreat programme at Deishaview Retreat? 

Each day is different depending on the group schedule and your personal volunteer schedule. Group sessions take place 5 days per week in the late afternoon and each attendee has volunteer duty 4 days per week at various times.  A typical day looks something like this:

07:30 – 09:00: Breakfast

*You may rise earlier if you wish to join for morning yoga, watch the sunrise, or if you are on Breakfast duty which starts at 06:45.

09:00 – 11:00: Group outdoor excursion (e.g. swimming, kayaking, or hiking) or volunteer duty at the beach or the animal clinic

11:00 – 12:00: Free time, or preparing Lunch if you are on duty

12:00 – 13:30: Lunch

13:30 – 16:00: Free time

16:00 – 18:00: Group session

18:00: Dinner

After dinner, the rest of the evening is free time, with the option to join the Deishaview retreat group guided meditations, sunset excursions, and jam sessions.

What would you hope people take away from their experience?

A deeper sense of compassion and understanding toward themselves and others. But also to experience a shift in the views they hold toward the situations and circumstances in their life, in order to experience more joy and to see more opportunities instead of problems.

How is Deishaview Breakthrough different from all the other retreats out there?

The tropical paradise island of Koh Tao, in the southeast Gulf of Thailand - Deishaview retreat group sessions
Image from Deishaview

Deishaview Breakthrough is unique because it is an experience built entirely around the individuals attending.  We do not teach a particular topic such as yoga or meditation. The subject matter of Breakthrough is YOU – and Your life. We provide the space, the resources, and the questions for each individual to reflect on their lives, and bring to the table whatever is important to them over the course of the programme. On top of that, group sizes are small and intimate with no more than 10 participants and the entire event is facilitated by a dedicated coach

Why do you think this would be interesting for people in the Yacht Industry?

Having connections with people in the yachting industry, I understand it’s all go and which often leads to a lot of stress. Since the pandemic, there’s been an increase of yachties wrestling with anxiety and uncertainty regarding their future. Most yacht crew won’t remain in that role forever, which has left them questioning themselves about their “life after yachting”.

In a lifestyle where we flicker between busy, stressful work and then overly indulgent behavior in our free time it can be easy to lose contact with who we are beneath all the noise. And that’s really what Breakthrough is all about. It’s about taking ourselves out of the environments and routines that have become our lives, disrupting our default patterns of thought and behaviour, and reconnecting with who we really are and what we really want.

Not only could this help people from the Yacht industry feel more optimistic and clear about their future, but it’s also guaranteed to help them feel more grounded, with a deeper sense of self-understanding and compassion. 

Are you interested in what the Deishaview retreat can offer?

Contact them via WhatsApp: +49 1522 2518445

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