A large part of working in the yachting industry is socialising with the wider yachting community. Being social is not only great for making friendships and connections, it is also helpful when seeking work or gaining other opportunities. But after we have found our dream position, our social lives as yacht crew can sometimes fall by the wayside causing us to experience loneliness in yachting

Loneliness in yachting is a common issue

The benefits of working on superyachts include being part of a large crew. In spite of the fact that we may have the opportunity to cultivate genuine relationships with our onboard family, being away from home for so long can also lead to loneliness. There may be a disconnect between us and others onboard that extends no further than that of a working relationship.

Even when surrounded by others, we can sometimes feel lonely. Loneliness cannot be defined simply by being alone. Our own loneliness may be induced if we withdraw from social interaction during challenging times in our personal lives. The vicious cycle of loneliness can lead us to continuously withdrawing and experiencing anxiety when we do eventually socialize – because we are not used to socializing.

Even though it is important not to blame ourselves, we must also acknowledge that we have the power to make the changes that will hopefully inject more happiness into our workplaces and homes. Developing new relationships and reintegrating meaningful social interaction into our lives requires breaking away from unhealthy patterns that we may have fallen into slowly but surely.

Continue reading to discover some helpful tips for feeling less lonely onboard your yacht…

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Tips for dealing with loneliness in yachting

1. Try to make new connections within existing relationships

Naturally, we all judge others pretty much as soon as we meet a new person. We are constantly seeking familiar traits in others that we can relate to or aspects of their personality that we may recognise in our existing friends. However, friendship with those we work with is not always an immediate guarantee. Oftentimes in yachting, we are working with people from all corners of the globe, so adding some perspective to our relationships at work is important. 

Try to ask more questions to someone you may have written off as incompatible with yourself, in order to seek a further connection. It may surprise you what you have in common with someone you thought you were completely different from.

2. Join a new group or class

Its not always easy to maintain healthy habits and regular routines when working at sea, but if you do find yourself in one port for a longer while, perhaps seek out a new activity or exercise class. Exercise is an excellent way to find new connections with others, and it establishes a healthy way to socialize. Likewise, consider what your true interests are and seek out a class or group that caters to this. Whether it’s a sport like Rugby or a hobby such as dancing or cooking, you’re sure to be able to find something that sparks your interest and can in turn exercise your social muscles at the same time. 

3. Stay connected to your roots

Not all of us are lucky enough to have solid relationships with our family, or to enjoy the luxury of spending time with them. But, if you are someone who values family time or has long-lasting friendships in other countries, it’s important to put proper time aside to cater to these relationships. It’s not always easy to find the time or energy to do so, but you may be surprised at how much better you feel after a conversation with someone that is important to you. These connections can keep us anchored to our true selves also.

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