In our Know Your Ship blog with Sentini Marine, we cover a range of topics about keeping yourself and others safe onboard. Topics range from fire fighting to dealing with medical emergencies. In this article, it’s all about righting a life raft. 

Familiarity with life raft operations can be the difference between life or death, relying on someone else to know what to do, can be fatal.  If the time comes for life rafts to be launched, and abandoning ship is becoming a real possibility, there is a high chance the sea won’t be flat calm, and it may be dark or poor visibility. Once the inflatable life raft hits the water and starts to inflate, the wind can easily flip it over and action is needed.

How To Right A Life Raft

Things To Consider

  • Do you know what your roles are in an emergency, as per your vessel’s Muster List?
  • Do you know how many life rafts are on the vessel you work on?
  • Do you know where they all are?
  • Are you relying on another crew member to know how to launch a life raft?

Take the time to learn about the type of life rafts you have on your vessel, where they are and what preparation, SOPs and safety checks, are required. Familiarity with the vessel you work on and its life saving equipment, is essential, don’t be passive about it. Your safety, and the safety of your crew mates, is your responsibility.

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