Firstly, for those who might be reading this and wondering what a yachtie is; A yachtie is a crew member who works onboard Superyachts or even Sailing Yachts. And for the yachties who are reading this, you’ll know what we’re saying when we say that crew finds themselves in a constant battle between finding a balance between work and life. This is why it’s so important for crew, whether you’re the Captain or the engineer, to understand how to balance a dual season with life.

Yachties: How to balance a dual season with life
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From keeping your personal interests to the actual yacht afloat, there is a lot to juggle when working onboard a Superyacht. Trying to make time to enjoy hobbies, seeing family and friends, maintaining your fitness schedule, fitting in your latest Netflix series, finishing a book, right through to planning for your future and getting your finances to successfully getting in 9 hours sleep is not the easiest of tasks.

With the Med season ending, many crew will be gearing up for the Caribbean season or those on a world cruising itinerary; the seasons may be never-ending. If you enjoy the yacht you are on, then there is no need to finish after a season ends. Why not embrace the good vibes and continue? Whilst you may have a month or two between seasons to wind down, it isn’t a lot before you hit the ground running again. 

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5 tips on how to balance this dual-season life: 

1. Time management 

It always feels as though organisation could be the answer to most things. In this case, balancing a dual-season organisation is your best friend. It is the key to juggling work, life, and hectic yachting schedules. Be selective about how, where and who you spend your time with. 

2. Work stays at work 

Shut your work problems outside of your cabin door. Working where you live can be challenging, but one tip that will help you switch off outside of work has your space where work isn’t a part. Once in your cabin, focus on yourself and deal with those yachting problems in “work time.”

3. Prioritise yourself 

Schedules can be chaotic when you consistently work and try to fit in the odd day off. Juggling a guest trip on top of your life admin and trying to maintain a social life can be exhausting. To combat this, make sure you pencil some time in your calendar for yourself, whether that is simply at the start of each day – make sure it is there. 

4. Set boundaries 

The key to staying sane and not completely burning out is to set strict boundaries, especially on time. If the clock hits 5 pm on a regular work day and you are still not quite finished, know that you can finish it the following day. With no regular hours and guest demands, this can be harder to implement in yachting. However, don’t be afraid to stick to these time restrictions when working your regular schedules with a season. You will then have more energy for those longer days. 

5. A team effort 

Yachting is a team game about ensuring each department runs smoothly and helping where help is needed. Teamwork is especially important when you are on a yacht with a busy schedule, as members of your crew can struggle. If that is you, it is essential to recognise this and ask for help. 

Relax on a Superyacht

A healthy work-life balance can have multiple positive effects, such as lowering the risk of burnout, less stress and helping you achieve a greater sense of well-being. However, the most important thing to consider when striving for this balance is not to worry about creating perfection, especially in yachting. Some days, you may have no choice but to focus on the guests and the guests, but other days you will have more time to pursue your passions. Remember that balance is achieved over time, not every day.

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