Changing the perception of yachting: What is the most incredible experience you’ve had on a yacht, or delivered to a client?

Yacht Club De Monaco – Experiential Yachting Forum 2022 will take place on the 21st of April. The first hybrid international forum to ever be held will attract key individuals from within the Superyacht sector, as well as yacht owners, charterers, owner’s representatives, and of course Captains, to discuss and share their experiences in this new and exciting era. They will be discovering unique yachting experiences and activities which will bring additional value and purpose to the use of a vessel for yacht owners, charterers, and crew.

In the yachting industry, the concept of Experience Economy represents a rapidly growing segment, where the impact of yachting goods and services on people is highlighted with purpose and added value. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in yacht owners who are commissioning vessels that are destined beyond the boundaries of conventional yachting use. But, for companies to deliver, their approach requires specialist knowledge and expertise in the fields of Ocean and Human Health, Marine Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Metaverse, AI & VR Technology, and more.

An exclusive comment from the Managing Director of Immersive International, Tommy Lexen:

In our last interview on who Immersive International are, you’d spoke about ensuring there’s good communication with crew. Can you give a crew member who’s new to experiential yachting an example of what it is, why they should attend the event?

Tommy Lexen: Immersive’s focus within the Experiential Yachting market is on driving innovation for ultra-bespoke spatial experiences, creating unique constantly evolving digital art installations and bespoke immersive environments that bring physical and virtual realities closer together for owners and guests. We transform complex spaces and make them come alive through beautiful, dynamic, and engaging visuals, using the most innovative and intelligent creative technologies on the market.

During our talk at the forum we will explore three immersive design concepts that we believe will revolutionise the Superyacht experience: Spatial NFT Commissions, Hyper personalised Smart Art and Augmented Mapping Experiences

To make all these concepts a reality, it’s key we bring crew members and industry stakeholders on board the journey in an engaging, inspiring, and entertaining way. This digital experience revolution will need digital native crew members to make sure bespoke immersive live experiences, whether they are physical, virtual, or augmented, run smoothly and friction-free on the yacht. Getting early exposure and insights into what is available and what’s coming to the market in the nearby future will prepare crews to better understand, operate, maintain and experience these digital installations and technologies themselves.

The Format:

The format of the forum is a series of interactive short talks running from 9 am to 4:45 pm, animated and moderated by Martin Redmayne (The Superyacht Group) and Peter Economides (Felix BNI), where the fusion of on-site and online perfectly merge to allow the two audiences to have a voice throughout the day.

The audience is encouraged to be proactive during the event. You will be in for the chance to get featured in Forbes Monaco and on the Experiential yachting Social Media. And for those on-site, the floor will be opened up to the audience with a chance to
come on stage and share their input live with the audience for the debate. The event is initiated by Maria Alekseenko Magan, a Monaco-based new-generation yacht entrepreneur, whose passion for yachting with purpose spreads far beyond usual perceptions.

What are you in for the chance of winning at the Experiential Yachting Forum 2022?

2 nights aboard Sunseekers, M/Y Stardust of Mary, exploring the Atlantic Ocean adventures in Portugal. The luxury vessel offers high-end vacations for charter guests.

Experiential yachting forum 2022 - Win 2 nights on M/Y Stardust of mary

In light of the current worldwide events, if required, the topics, input, and content will be adjusted to remain relevant and bring value out of respect to the situation. The forum has a purpose to unite and a chance for all to share our voices and provide a purpose. Now more than ever is this important.

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