If you’ve ever found yourself working on a yacht during the Monaco Yacht Show, you may have wondered where all of the crew gatherings happen. Of course, there is the Captains and Crew lounge hosted by MYS, where crew can find refreshments, entertainment and a wellness space, but what about outside of the show? Lost And Found Crew have answered Yachtie prayers by hosting the only crew exclusive gathering during this year’s show with their ‘Season Finale Party’.

Lost And Found Crew event at MYS

The Details

Held at Yacht crew favourite, Brasserie De Monaco, on Wednesday 27th September, LAFC are expecting to host more than 100 Yachties, with the aim of marking the end of a busy season for all. There will be dancing, beverages and even a raffle with prizes from brands set up by Yachties themselves. The event starts at 7:30pm until the early hours.

The purpose of the event is to allow crew to come together in a space of their own during the chaos of the boat show:

“There are far too many parties organised for Crew Agents and Brokers, we thought it was about time to do one for crew. If you’re a Yachtie, you’re invited!”

The Sponsors

The party is sponsored by several yachting businesses that were set up by ex-crew members, such as Sisterhood By Michelle, Onshore Cellars and Saltlick Fitness. Sisterhood By Michelle was setup to inspire and assist female yacht crew to reach their goals of starting a business after leaving the industry, Michelle is giving away access to her private community as part of the Raffle.

Onshore Cellars aim to bring the finest selection of wines and spirits to the yachting industry, all informed by the founders’ personal experience working as crew for over 15 years. They are giving away a double magnum of Rosé as well as a bottle of Clase Azul Reposado tequila as part of the Raffle prizes!

There is also an opportunity to gain access to Saltlick Fitness’ unique personal training program. Saltlick Fitness was started by two personal trainers that are also active crew members, Tom and Christie. Their aim is to help crew members look after their mental and physical health whilst onboard.

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About LAFC

Created to connect yacht crew on a global level, Lost and Found crew want to make sure that their community members have a friend in every port. Stating that their mission is to do everything possible to connect crew, their vision is to create a space where all yachties are united.

“We pride ourselves on having an extremely active community, with members connecting daily in our Crew Mess – this is the chat where we bring crew together”

The Crew Mess invites crew with all levels of experience, from Green yachties to Captains. There are currently 900+ crew members in their community, with more joining daily.


Join The Crew Mess
Join or log into the Crew Mess. Go to this link to create your profile: bit.ly/CrewMess
Go To Events
Once you’re in the Crew Mess, go to the Events section and click on the the LAFC Season Finale CREW PARTY.
Hit Interested
To RSVP for the event, hit Interested. LAFC ask you to show your RSVP at the door. First come, first served. Only 100 spots available.

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