The eagerly anticipated Monaco Yacht Show is one of the most prestigious yacht shows in the world. The show is known for showcasing world-famous Superyachts, as well as harbouring a fantastic atmosphere, where Captains, Crew, visitors and industry professionals come together to network and to discover the best that our industry has to offer. From the 27th to the 30th September, guests at this iconic yachting event will have the opportunity to network with hundreds of yachting companies and to visit the MYS Captains and Crew Lounge, where premium yacht provisioners Maison Del Gusto will conduct exclusive tasting sessions and innovative culinary masterclasses with esteemed chefs including Japanese Michelin star chef Koji Kimura and Superyacht Chef Michael Swindells.

At The Forefront Of Luxury Produce

Maison Del Gusto (MDG) remain at the forefront of luxury produce and have continually redefined the standards of provisioning within the yachting industry. Founded by Graziano Mazzucco and Elisabetta Ierardi, MDG is the result of a deep passion for food, paired with an expertise in communication and design. MDG aim not only to delight our tastebuds, but to also nurture sustainability and connectivity through the universal language of food.

Year after year, the Captains and Crew Lounge at the Monaco Yacht Show acts as a space where Crew are able to take some well-deserved downtime during the busy show. In the lounge, crew can find entertainment, refreshments and even a wellness lounge. This year Maison Del Gusto are once again hosting an array of exciting events over the course of the 4-day show, including masterclasses, tastings and spectacular displays from the likes of top Superyacht chefs and Michelin-starred artisans.

Discover their full itinerary below, and book your slot to these unmissable, educational and intriguing events!

Wednesday 27th

Super Yacht Chef Micail Swindells

MDG kick off their four day extravaganza on the first day of the show with a Tasting and an exciting Masterclass…

Tasting: ‘A Taste Of Norwegian Pristine Waters – Acquavit and Gin Exploration – 10am to 12pm

A remarkable tasting experience, featuring unique Acquavit and Gin from the pristine waters of Norway. Delve into the flavours of these exceptional spirits and saver their distinct characteristics.

Masterclass and Tasting: Unleashing Creativity with Liquid Nitrogen with Superyacht Chef Michael Swindells (MY GO) – 2pm

Step into a world of culinary innovation and modern gastronomy as Superyacht Chef Michael Swindells (MY GO) takes the stage to present an extraordinary masterclass on nitrogen-infused food. This exciting and cutting-edge demonstration will showcase the art of using liquid nitrogen to create captivating and delicious culinary delights, elevating dining experiences to new heights.

Thursday 28th

Chef Koji Kimura will be at the C&C lounge hosted by Maison Del Gusto
Culinary Maestro Koji Kimura

Tasting: Unveiling the Delights of Garums & Shoyu of Bculture (Chef Will Moffat and Michelin Star Chef Mikael) – 10am to 12pm

Embark on an exquisite journey with BCulture: delve into the world of Garums and Shoyu as Chef Will Moffat and Michelin-starred chef Mikael Svensson guide you through a flavourful tasting experience. Discover the culinary artistry behind these creations crafted with care for sustainability.

Masterclass & Tasting: Age With Grace, Mastering The Art of Ageing Fish With 2 Michelin Star Chef Koji Kimura – From 2pm to 4pm

Discover the fascinating technique of ageing fish with two Michelin star chef Koji Kimura, brought to you in an exclusive collaboration with MDG. Join MDG as he unravels the intricacies of this culinary tradition, imparting his expertise and sharing his passion for perfecting flavours through the ageing process. This event will be graced by the presence of two guests of honour, Co-Executive chefs Chef Karime LMT and Chef Kondo Takahiko of Gucci Osteria.

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Friday 29th

Chef Christophe Fromager will be at the C&C lounge hosted by Maison Del Gusto
Chef Christophe Fromager

Tasting: Festive Flavours Unveiled, Gucci Osteria Presents Panettone Tasting Of Two 2023 Special Editions – Traditional Milanese And Raspberry Infused, By Co-Executive Chefs Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo – From 10am to 12pm

Experience unparalleled luxury at this exclusive tasting event guided by Co-Executive Chefs Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo in collaboration with MDG.

Tasting: New Zealand Delights, A Fresh Taste Of The Land Down Under. Elevate Your Culinary Creations With Premium Freeze-Dried Ingredients – From 10am to 12pm

Elevate your culinary creations with premium freeze-dried ingredients at CC lounge during MYS 2023. From fruits and veggies to gin, sake, and balsamic – indulge in a world of taste redefined.

Masterclass & Tasting: Fromage Perfection, Unveiling The Art Of Cheese Crafting With Master Cheese Affineur Christophe – From 2pm to 4pm

Explore the intricacies of cheese crafting, plating and pairings with a true maestro. Reserve your spot for an unparalleled experience in Fromage perfection.

Saturday 30th

Tasting: ‘Savor the Exquisite: A Premium Red Caviar Tasting Affair’ 10am to 12pm

Elevate your palate at the ‘Savour the Exquisite’ Premium Red Caviar tasting. Join MDG from 10am to 12pm for a journey of unparalleled opulence, savouring the finest red caviar meticulously selected for connoisseurs of sophistication.

To book slots for any of the Maison Del Gusto Tastings or Masterclasses during MYS 2023, click here.

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