Seven Seas Preparatory Academy trainer, Captain Wendy will host a first-of-its-kind seminar/mini certification for the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Agency at the 2022 USVI Charter yacht show. 

SSP Host The First Mini Certification For The VIPCA at the 2022 USVI charter yacht show

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This half-day event will bring new and helpful ways to set a standardisation for the industry. Taking “big boat” hints, ideas, and tricks of the trade to the daily chores and adventures of the 2022 USVI Charter Show. 

Captain Wendy will pass along simple and inexpensive ways to maintain professionalism in the face of adversity while increasing your tips and expanding your repeat guests. Some of these will include: 

  • Seamless sharing of responsibilities between crew members 
  • Setting boundaries with guests 
  • Setting boundaries with our colleagues 
  • Providing the guests with realistic expectations 
  • Ways to maintain your personal well being 
  • Prepping, prepping, prepping.  
  • Safety- Always safety first 
  • Things to always have on board 
  • Mechanical and preventative maintenance.  

This is the opening door to develop a way for the USVI charter show to give and receive information to generate and maintain booked charter seasons with happy repeat guests and happy stable crew.

For more information on the first mini certification for the VIPCA, please contact Laura@sevenseasprep

To register your attendance at the 2022 USVI charter yacht show, click here. 

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