Maison Del Gusto (MDG) has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the world of luxury provisioning, consistently setting new standards within the yachting industry. Founded by the visionary duo of Graziano Mazzucco and Elisabetta Ierardi, MDG has successfully merged their deep-rooted passion for food with their expertise in communication and design. Beyond tantalising taste buds, MDG’s mission is to foster connectivity through the universal language of food.

In a splendid continuation of tradition, Maison Del Gusto once again hosted a series of captivating events at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, featuring masterclasses, tastings, and dazzling displays by renowned Superyacht chefs and Michelin-starred artisans. The atmosphere was electric as the lounge bustled with captivated guests. Each day, the masterclasses attracted a full house of yacht crew and industry professionals eager to watch the masters at work.

Let’s take a journey through the remarkable events that unfolded, and watch the video below to see all of the best moments from the show…

Day 1

Theatrical Liquid Nitrogen Creations With Super Yacht Chef Micail Swindells

MDG set the stage for their four-day extravaganza on the opening day of the show with an enticing tasting and an exciting masterclass. Superyacht Chef Micail Swindells (M/Y GO) took centre stage, delving into culinary innovation and modern gastronomy. Using exquisite produce from MDG’s catalogue, Swindells served up Pistachio ice cream made using liquid Nitrogen to create interesting textures and flavours. He also served a tomato-based dish with burrata which also featured Nitrogen.

‘A Taste Of Norwegian Pristine Waters – Acquavit and Gin Exploration’

This extraordinary tasting experience unveiled unique Acquavit and Gin sourced from the pristine waters of Norway. Attendees were invited to explore the distinctive flavours and characteristics of these exceptional spirits.

Day 2

Chef Koji Kimura delighted crowds with his excellent humour and unparalleled skills.

Unveiling the Delights of Garums & Shoyu of Bculture

Attendees embarked on an exquisite journey with BCulture as they delved into the world of Garums and Shoyu. Participants were guided through a flavourful tasting experience with chef Misha Nesterenko, a long-time collaborator with Maison Del Gusto. This session showcased the culinary artistry behind these sustainability-focused creations.

The Charming 2 Michelin Star Chef Koji Kimura Delighted The Crowd

Two Michelin-starred Chef Koji Kimura unveiled the intriguing technique of ageing fish in an exclusive collaboration with MDG. Attendees had the privilege of delving into the intricacies of this culinary tradition, guided by Chef Kimura’s expertise and passion for perfecting flavours. Kimura ensured the experience was fun and interactive, inviting guests to partake in creating their own sushi. There was lots of humour from Kimura and smiles all around as attendees tasted the esteemed chef’s unique creations. There were 50 spaces available and the lounge was fully booked for this once-in-a-lifetime Masterclass.

The event was graced by the presence of two esteemed guests, Co-Executive Chefs Chef Karime LMT and Chef Kondo Takahiko of Gucci Osteria.

Day 3

Festive Flavours Unveiled, Gucci Osteria Presents Panettone Tasting

Christmas came early as this luxury tasting event unfolded and attendees were treated to samples of some exceptional Traditional Milanese and Raspberry Infused Panettone, led by Gucci Osteria Head Chefs, Karime Lopez and Takahiko Kondo.

New Zealand Delights, A Fresh Taste Of The Land Down Under

Culinary creations reached new heights with premium freeze-dried ingredients. From fruits and veggies to gin, sake, and balsamic, attendees indulged in a world of redefined flavours.

Fromage Perfection, Unveiling The Art Of Cheese Crafting With Master Cheese Affineur Christophe

This Masterclass explored the intricacies of cheese crafting, plating, and pairings with a true maestro. This unique experience in Fromage perfection was a highlight of the event. Ten exquisite cheeses were tasted and guests were guided through the special flavours experienced in each mouthful and were even educated on the origins of cheese.

Day 4

A Premium Red Caviar Tasting Affair

The grand finale featured a premium Red Caviar tasting that elevated palates to new heights. Maison Del Gusto welcomed attendees to savour the finest Red Caviar, meticulously selected for connoisseurs of sophistication.

Maison Del Gusto’s masterclasses at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 were a testament to their commitment to providing unforgettable, educational, and intriguing culinary experiences. These events marked a remarkable chapter in the ongoing journey of culinary excellence and luxury that MDG continues to share with the world.

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