“A carousel slideshow really just doesn’t do it justice”, a friend who chartered her first yacht last summer in Croatia told me this winter. “We had one of the most incredible experiences of our lives, and it was all reduced down to a single post with ten of us tagged in it.” I admit it; I love being able to share a pic in real-time of the plate I have in front of me at any given moment (I live in Italy and surprise… food is my favourite subject), but I miss paper.

Today’s world of communication is fast, easy, and relatively cheap, but in an era where everything seems easily moved into a public online domain, I miss the intimacy of holding a book in my hand. The warmth of a soft leather cover sends me into a euphoric state even before I hear the spine bend. I am one of those people who still buys an actual physical paperback, even if I have a copy on my iPad. My moment of Zen happens when I am leafing through an album filled with memories of amazing trips, personal stories, notes in the margins and smiling faces of those most dear to me. Despite my best intentions though, my hard drive is filled with jpegs that I have never printed.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about Superyacht Storytellers this past winter, and why I have passed their name along to friends of mine cruising this summer in Sicily, as well as a “new and upcoming” yacht designer who is looking for a unique format to share his vision. We’re not talking about one of those Shutterfly, “choose a template” photo books. These books are created by professional, award winning journalists and graphic designers, and will draw you back to a time when storytelling was an essential and intimate way to share experiences, history, and heritage.

Superyacht Storytellers will tell YOUR story, whether it be of one particular cruise or the entire life story of your yacht, from the initial sketch to completion. I guarantee this will be the most interesting story you have ever read, sharing the details and experiences from a lifetime of ownership or showcasing your yacht’s crowning achievements. Not limited to yacht owners, these beautiful volumes, encased in fine leathers and fabrics, can creatively present a company’s unique heritage so much better than a PowerPoint presentation; they allow you to showcase your unique philosophy and vision. After all, the yachting industry operates in a unique sub context of emotion. So why not use this creative approach to showcase a company’s vision and craftsmanship?

Allowing owners, builders, designers, and charterers the ability to share their extraordinary experiences with a one-of-a-kind keepsake, Superyacht Content will create an elegant and timeless record of the one of the most unique experiences in the world, which is yacht ownership.

For more information on how to create your own limited edition book, as stunning and as singular as your yacht, visit them at superyachtstorytellers.com

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