As yacht crew, our constant aim is to astonish our guests, ensuring each visit onboard is a memorable experience. In the realm of superyachts, where luxury reigns supreme, the epitome of opulence lies in a customised fragrance exclusively tailored for your yacht. Introducing Venetian Master Perfumer (VMP), established in 2014 by owners Elena Predonzan and Ian Gardam, in partnership with esteemed Italian ‘Master Perfumer’ Lorenzo Dante Ferro. Here, VMP talks us through their Seafaring Fragrances range and how it captures the essence of the ocean.

SYC: Why are these scents ideal for use onboard Superyachts?

Lorenzo Dante Ferro’s initial consideration was inspired by the great respect we share for naval and sailing vessels and how they have evolved throughout the centuries… from the historical tall ships to the sleekest, state-of-the-art superyachts gracing the most beautiful and exclusive marinas in the world today.  

Lorenzo Dante Ferro formulated our Seafaring Fragrances in a way which would recall the stories and pay homage to the many heroic explorers, captains, sailors and fishermen of ancestral times that returned to their ports with the prized perfume ingredients that have crossed all the seas in the world throughout the centuries… These are important ingredients in the Art of Perfume Creation in its purest of forms which LDF greatly respects and which comprise the most precious part of his palette of numerous essential oils, absolutes, resins  and aromatic raw materials coming from every part of the world. 

Therefore, travel has always been an integral part of the rarity and mystery of perfumes that lends a  very special quality to the personal and ambiance fragrances LDF creates with these natural  ingredients… Those that truly love the sea, be it for profession and/or pleasure, have done a great service to all of us by continuing to bring people from distant lands closer together – closer to appreciation and sharing of one another’s culture, memorizing the fragrances that occur naturally during our most unforgettable voyages… Venetian Master Perfumer introduced the new line so as to inspire others to continue to keep this rare and beautiful tradition alive while navigating with style and grace into the future.

SYC: What inspired you to create the Seafaring Fragrances  collection with the Italian Master Perfumer, Lorenzo Dante Ferro? 

First of all, Lorenzo Dante Ferro’s genius was to create an important collection of fine fragrances for  interiors and exteriors, by blending high concentrations of perfume with the best qualities of natural essential oils. Since 1984, he has provided his unique concept of Olfactive Communication and Olfactive Décor to private homes, historical estates, luxury hotels, world renowned museums, concerts, exhibits and numerous private and public establishments in Europe, United States and Asia.

Since this year marks the Tenth Anniversary of our collaboration with Lorenzo Dante Ferro, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by introducing our very own Bespoke Ambiance Perfume Collection. During the time that lapsed since our last interview with SC, we were fast at work together with LDF and the result is our first Venetian Master Perfumer Seafaring Fragrance Collection created as artistic expressions of the finest elements of many cultures and traditions transformed with great Italian style to be enjoyed at sea and on the seaside.

The collection was created as artistic expressions of the finest elements of many cultures and traditions transformed with great Italian style to be enjoyed at sea and on the seaside.

SYC: Each scent evokes a different mood or atmosphere. Can you talk us through the thought process behind the selection of these  fragrances? 

Beyond the sheer and invisible pleasure of their continuous company in the air, the daily use of our  Seafaring Fragrances will reveal numerous benefits including their aromatherapeutic and  energizing properties that help to promote good health. They are expressions of Nature’s gifts and  beauty, and are important to us – more now than ever – to help us clear our minds, focus our  thoughts and even favour a good night’s sleep. The daily enhancement of the olfactive quality of  one’s life onboard also helps to synchronize the good feelings of your guests, your crew and creates wonderful lasting memories that further define the special attention given to determine the quality of  this higher octave of hospitality. 

Venetian Master Perfumer

SYC: How does Tè Darjeeling capture the essence of energising moments  on a yacht, and what makes it unique? 

The uniqueness of our ambiance fragrances is that their perception is not limited by their name alone. While, some have been aptly named to identify the scent of the specific vegetation of a geographical  area, better known as our Geolfactive© fragrances, they can also indicate a cardinal direction, cultural  arts and philosophy. 

At first glance, our minds quickly process what the name of the fragrance leads us to believe that we  will perceive in the air from the moment it is sprayed high into the air. The initial perception is precise in this case with respects to the name Tè Darjeeling. However, as the fragrance develops and decants in the air, it is the quality of LDF’s artistically composed fragrances that take us immediately on another journey. It is our sense of smell that enables our mind’s incredible ability to  elaborate and synchronize with our memory to envision other elements inspired by this fragrance as  we begin to appreciate it. For example, the different periods for plucking, harvesting and the delicate  fermentation of Darjeeling tea produce various floral and woody tones in the tea that inspire me personally. Each time, I smell this fragrance, I also visualize the beautiful artisan craftsmanship of  inlaid woods of tables and floors in a myriad of warm tone. These fragrant woods, are an essential  building and decorative element of magnificent yachts to be admired while in the slow-sipping  company of an elegant cup of Darjeeling tea, meant to be savoured slowly.

SYC: Could you delve into the specific notes and elements that evoke this  sense of creativity in Sole di Capri? 

This is an ambiance perfume that LDF created to provide the fragrant sensation of what it truly means  to feel sun-kissed and revitalized by the sparkling notes of the finest Italian citrus fruits and salt sea breeze while basking in the glow of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is an elegant and vitaminic celebration of  Life as well as a tribute to Capri, an island personified by the many elements of its particular microclimate and vegetation artfully transformed by able hearts and hands to give joy and amazement to her fortunate visitors…. 

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SYC: Legno di Ceylon is aimed at helping individuals unwind. How does this fragrance encourages relaxation in a yacht environment, and why is it so important to tap into that  serene state of mind onboard? 

LDF realizes that the much-needed state of total relaxation and the ability to step away from one’s  commitments and busy agenda is not always easy to achieve. Legno di Ceylon is ideal to help guests onboard come close to an optimum of relaxation and envision themselves far from life’s hustle and bustle. Once a person closes their eyes and smells the precious notes of fragrant bark, exotic woods and curative spices, the pace slows down, the noise stops and they allow themselves to magically drift away ”to the land where the bong tree grows” as in the famous and whimsical poem The Owl and the Pussycat.  

SYC: Pino Scozzese is noted for its grounding properties. How does this  scent help create a sense of stability and connection with nature  while on a yacht? 

While the soothing and calming properties of this majestic evergreen that never lose their foliage help  to ground us, they also contribute in an important way to the nurturing of our spirit. This tree is also as  the Tree of Peace and we are moved by the magnificent fragrance of its bark, needles, resins and  cones. Its long-lasting fragrance reminds one of the tree’s longevity and sense of noble wisdom that it  seems to impart in time and with the passing of the seasons. It is a traditional woody fragrance with a truly “buoyant” character. 

“These make excellent gifts for everyone and every occasion.

SYC: Would these make a good charter gift? 

These make excellent gifts for everyone and every occasion. Our very first ‘Ambiance Duetto’ gift was  delivered by MC CLIC drone operator and Superyacht Supplies to Superyacht Coral Ocean right after the final horn of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, marking the end of the season and the departure of  the vessels heading straight across the Atlantic.  

For gifting or to celebrate a special occasion, we also offer bespoke perfume creations for those who  want to craft their own exclusive perfume or create their very own yacht signature scent. 

See you at the next boat show! 

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