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By all accounts, the charter market is in as fit-a-state as ever. You’ll hear from some corners of the industry a collective groan as construction figures decline, but practically speaking it’s the yacht charter business that is the better macroeconomic barometer.

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Why is this? Well, the charter market represents a much wider pool of clients within the sector- and it’s a business that is subscribed to by a customer base that contains, for the most part, entrepreneurs and other business people who you won’t necessarily find on the Forbes 100 list. These are the people and enterprises that keep the wheels turning- the gold plated nuts and bolts of our economic system. And if they’re spending lavishly on yachting holidays, then you know confidence must be high!

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West Nautical is an established brokerage for yacht charters that prides itself on its success within a particular corner of this market. According to Managing Director Geoff Moore, the title of most ‘bullish’ area within yacht charter at present goes to the 25-44m range:

“It’s a great place to be in the market!” Geoff says. “The value for money you get with this class of boat is better than anywhere else within the charter fleet. The flexibility of smaller boats means they’re far more available for day and weekend charters, and sometimes this works particularly well for guests who want something last minute or as part of a shore based holiday.”

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The value part of this offering is easy to understand. Charters onboard 25-44m superyachts range from about £20k -£80k per week, and can easily be split between a few families or friends. You still can get 12 guests onboard a 44m boat, which for the most part will have most of the same facilities as something 50m+, but at a much lower price tag.

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“Plus, you can’t beat the intimacy of a small-boat charter,” Geoff explains, “family time onboard is really special when you’re not dwarfed by enormous deck or saloon spaces, and you can really enjoy a quality experience together onboard without feeling overwhelmed by the size of the boat.”

Smaller yachts are great for company charters too, as they represent an impressive experience for clients and shareholders at a budget that won’t make the FD see red…

The Best View in the House

Often yachts in this size range are chartered in order to get a special perspective on a certain event. We asked West Nautical what their calendar looks like throughout the year, and which occasions are best enjoyed from the water.

Monaco GP

The world’s most famous race is the perfect opportunity to take to the water and charter a yacht. Trackside berths are pretty hard to come by, but certainly not impossible when you choose a local charter broker like West Nautical. If you can’t get a spot for the Monaco Grand Prix, check out the Classic Grand Prix as an excellent, sociable alternative.

West Nautical elaborate:

“The Monaco GP is the highlight of the season in most peoples eyes, and it marks the start of the summer season in yachting. Every year every available berth is taken and clients are lining up to charter yachts, whether privately of corporate.”

MiPiM, South of France

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This four-day real estate exhibition, conference, and networking event is a good one to add to your must-visit list as it offers something a little different. Everyone who is anyone on the international property scene will be at MiPim, and we’ve heard that they have some pretty star-studded parties!

Here’s what West Nautical has to say:

“MiPim is the first real Med based event in the calendar where a lot of yachts are chartered. They are usually corporate charters where lunches, dinners, and parties are hosted for business development opportunities which works well with unpredictable weather in March!”

America’s Cup, Bermuda

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Bermuda isn’t a place where yachts spend a lot of time, but that’s all about to change! This year’s America’s Cup will be held in May on this laid-back Caribbean island. Thanks to new, more relaxed regulations, yachts will be able to enjoy up to three months chartering in the area.

West Nautical continues:

“The America’s Cup is the highlight of the racing season and the pinacle of the professional yacht race circuit, so if you could charter a yacht to see the action live on the water, why wouldn’t you?”

St Barths’ Bucket

The St Barth’s Bucket is one of the most prestigious racing events in the yachting calendar, and it has the social side to match. Now in its 22nd year, the Bucket in St. Barths is a favourite for those wishing to charter whilst spectating top-standard racing.

West Nautical say it’s perfect for yachting enthusiasts:

“Many yacht owners are also yacht enthusiasts, and the unique nature of the Bucket has such appeal that members of yacht clubs globally pool together to charter a yacht to either race in the events, or as their base for the week. It has a very special feeling to the event which attracts many repeat clients.”

Loro Piana

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The Loro Piana is a favourite for anyone who enjoys a good party. The Boat International crew are one of the chief organisers of the regatta and you can always rely on them for a decent party! The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda provides a mesmerising venue for the regatta’s glitzy social calendar. The 2017 event is approaching, but you’ll need to book quickly in order to get a yacht in the area!

The Loro Piana racing calendar is the principle sailing event in the Med and attracts professionals related to the industry as well as enthusiasts and those addicted to dedicated racing teams in the most up-to-date craft available. There are ever increasing yachts participating in the 4 days event, and as such there are more motor yachts being charters as the base of the race teams, their sponsors, and fans.”

Sound good? Visit the West Nautical website to see which charter yachts are on offer in the coming months.

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