Yacht Photographer, Stuart Pearce is one of the most recognised digital creators in the Superyacht Industry. After a month of being off of socials due to his accounts being hacked, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to Stuart and get to know him a little bit better:

Yacht Photographer, Stuart pearce
Stuart Pearce – Superyacht Photographer and Videographer

Have you always worked as a Yacht photographer? 

Although I’ve been a professional photographer since the late ’80s, I didn’t become a Yacht photographer until 10 years ago. Before this, I was a stock photographer supplying lifestyle & travel imagery to Getty Images and other big stock agencies. I also shot advertising campaigns and photographed exclusive properties. All of this gave me the experience necessary to photograph yachts.

How long have you been into photography?

I couldn’t put a precise number on it, but let’s just say it’s been a very long time. Photography is something I always imagined myself doing.

When and where did your passion for taking photos of yachts begin?

First things first, I had to overcome seasickness, which was the main reason I didn’t try the yacht photography business earlier! 2 of my 3 sons are sailing yachties, and it was mainly because of them that I was introduced into this world of taking photos of yachts.  They worked on some amazing yachts, such as Adela, Ghost, Unfurled & Aquijo and they were perfect to photograph.

How did you start Yacht Shot, and did you think you would grow such a large online following and community? 

I had to differentiate my past work, lifestyle, advertising, and property from my new work. But, to do this I knew I had to set up a dedicated brand and website that only showed yachts and the sea-related lifestyle, and this is how ‘YachtShot’ first started.

You’ve worked with some of the largest Superyachts to date, smaller motor yachts, sailing yachts, and covered interior and exteriors by some of the most elite designers in the superyacht industry. How does your approach vary when dealing with different projects, and how do you make sure you stand out from other yacht content creators?

Each yacht we shoot for is different, no two yachts are the same, and depending on what the brokers or owners are looking for then we work out the best approach. Our work is bright and colourful (although the weather can play a big part in this). There are a few excellent yacht photographers out there, and our intention is to remain up there alongside them, at the top of our field.

What’s been your favourite project to date? 

There have been many, in fact, most of the work we do is great. We’re flown all over the world to shoot yachts and when you’re bobbing about in a halcyon blue Greek or Caribbean cove, you have to pinch yourself, it’s wonderful.

Are there any photographers you look up to or stand whose work stands out to you?

Yes, a variety in fact. There are certain yacht photographers whose work stands out and who are consistent in their work: Blueiprod, Guillaume Plisson, Jeff Brown, Tom van Oossanen are a few that come to mind.

The industry is booming as of late, and superyachts are rapidly growing. Is there any yacht that you love to work with?

We’re currently in the process of working on an exciting project, but any yacht that’s going to either of the Poles, South West Passage, or French Polynesia, I would love to work with. These destinations would be great!

With a significant increase of aspiring yacht photographers, what would be your 3 words of advice you wish you could have had when you first started: 

As I had 20 something years of photographic experience behind me before starting in the yacht photography side I didn’t need 3 words of advice but if I was to offer advice to an aspiring yacht photographer my 3 words would be, to be… Prepared, Professional, Consistent.

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