With beautiful coastlines and thousands of islands to discover. Greece is one of the best places in the world to go island-hopping. The Caribbean-esque seas and endless Mediterranean sunshine ensures that a Greek Islands adventure is high on many travellers’ bucket lists.

The most famous group of Greek islands are the Cyclades. Popular for island-hopping because of their close proximity to each other (and within easy reach of the capital of Athens), allowing you to hop from one island to the next in a few short hours.


The Greek islands provide some of the most beautiful sailing waters in Europe. Hiring a boat is one of the best ways to add fun and adventure to your trip. A Greek catamaran charter is an ideal choice for exploring the crystal-clear waters. And adds a touch of luxury and comfort to your excursion.

You can charter a catamaran with or without a skipper depending on your experience and needs. Plus they’re perfect for all group sizes, from families to larger groups of friends. With plenty of room to sunbathe, relax, eat and sleep, plus swim and snorkel in privacy. They are the stuff of dream vacations.


Once you’ve planned your travel, it’s time to explore! Each island in the Cyclades has its own unique characteristics and here we’ve highlighted some of the top destinations to add to your island-hopping itinerary:


Famous for its glamour and hedonism, Mykonos draws crowds of partygoers and celebrities to the island year after year. Yet despite its party reputation, Mykonos has something for every type of visitor. The island boasts idyllic beaches, gourmet cuisine and plenty of cultural and historical places of interest, including churches and museums.

Things to do in Mykonos:
  • Mykonos Town – With its cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and colourful doors and balconies, Mykonos Town is the perfect place to explore. Enjoy with a guided tour, or simply wonder around the shops, restaurants and bars whilst soaking up the laid-back atmosphere.
  • Mykonos Windmills – The iconic white windmills are world-famous and a must-see landmark on your Mykonos travels – plus they make for a great photo opportunity!
  • Little Venice – The 18th Century seafront built right on the water’s edge is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the sunset – one of the best views in the Aegean.
  • Dance ’til Dawn – Experience the vibrant nightlife at the world-famous, Paradise Beach. With breath-taking sea views, iconic nightclubs and international DJs, it’s the perfect way to round up your Mykonos experience.


After the excitement of Mykonos, Paros is a great place to venture to next on your island-hopping adventure. Quieter than Mykonos and yet popular with both tourists and locals alike, the island has a mix of sandy beaches, boutique shops and buzzing nightlife – perfect to soak up the atmosphere, sample the local cuisine and watch the sunset.

Things to do in Paros
  • Naoussa Town – Lose yourself in this cosmopolitan village with its narrow, cobbled streets, enjoy the traditional cuisine and enjoy watching the sun go down.
  • Kolymbithres Beach – Famous for its turquoise waters, sandy beach and its million-year-old granite rock formations. It’s the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and water sports such as scuba diving.
  • Lefkes Village – Explore the picturesque village of Lefkes in the middle of the island. Stroll through the quiet streets of whitewashed houses and enjoy the sights such as the beautiful Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity).
  • Parikia – Saunter through the cafes, boutiques and designer shops of the capital of Paros. There’s also plenty of churches, ruins, castles and museums to explore.


No Greek island-hopping vacation is complete without visiting Santorini, nicknamed ‘the Jewel of the Aegean Sea’. It’s the most famous and visited island in the Cyclades thanks to its iconic blue dome churches and romantic scenery which attracts millions of tourists every year.

Things to do in Santorini
  • Take a Hike – Walk the caldera edge from Fira to Oia. It’s a long trek, but a must-see to witness the spectacular panoramic views.
  • Ammoudi Bay – This is a great location to try the traditional Greek seafood in a local taverna, such as Taverna Katina, located right on the water’s edge. The bay is also great for a swim in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Ancient Akrotiri – Visit the ruins of this ancient Minoan city – named the ‘Pompeii of the Aegean’. Preserved in volcanic ash and dating back to 1500 BC, it has fascinating prehistoric artefacts to explore.
  • Wine Tasting – The perfect way to end your Santorini adventure. Choose a winery with scenic views and enjoy whilst watching the magical Santorini sunset.


This is just a snapshot of the many beautiful places to explore on your Greek islands hopping travels, but there are so many more stunning locations that you could add to your trip if time allows.

And whether you’re looking for idyllic, breath-taking scenery or an action-packed adventure holiday, you’re sure to enjoy a paradise in Europe that really does have something for everyone.

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