AYSS is a collective of the best superyacht agents around the world, providing yacht services to captains and crew since 1991. No matter where you cruise, you’ll certainly benefit from the services of professional Yacht Agents. Eco Naviera has recently joined AYSS and their group of over 70 superyacht agents, so this article will introduce you to them and what they offer!

Eco Naviera

About Eco Naviera

Eco Naviera stands as the premier Yacht Agent in Baja California Sur, catering to the marine industry with unparalleled expertise. Situated in La Paz, Mexico, their dedicated team delivers exceptional service, offering a comprehensive suite of services to vessels docked in the ports of Loreto and La Paz.

With a team of highly skilled and personable professionals, Eco Naviera is there to ensure your visit is met with top-notch service. From port clearance to securing fishing licenses, they pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of services.

Mexico boasts a wealth of captivating tourist attractions, awe-inspiring landscapes, and world-class marinas. For inquiries regarding itineraries, reservations, or provisions for your journey, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Backed by local expertise and extensive experience, Eco Naviera is equipped to enhance your Sea of Cortez experience, ensuring you make the most of your stay in this mesmerising region.

Who They’ve Worked With

Eco Naviera has worked with boats of all shapes and sizes, including some of the most famous yachts in the world like:

  • M.Y. Umbra 168’
  • M.Y. Alucia 183’
  • M.Y. Triton I 163’
  • M.Y. Azteca 165’
  • M.Y. Attessa 220’
  • S/Y M5 246.9’


As the founder and manager, María Yolanda Espinoza brings over three decades of experience in Mexico’s maritime industry, making her your ultimate consultant and ally in navigating the Sea of Cortez.

Eco Naviera offers:

  • Port Clearance
  • Immigration Services
  • Temporary Import Permits
  • Custom Clearance
  • Port Booking
  • Charter Permits
  • National Park Permits
  • Fishing Licenses
  • High standard Provisioning
  • Flower Shop
  • Transportation
  • Car rental
  • Accommodation
  • Medical assistance
  • Dental appointments
  • Emergencies

Get In Touch!

Follow them on Instagram to discover their team members’ stories.

Email: eco.naviera@gmail.com

Phone: +52 612 348 8787

Check out the AYSS website here: https://www.ayss.org/

Find Eco Naviera at their website here: https://www.econaviera.com.mx/

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