Throughout this series, we introduce you to World League of Agents (WLoA) and their members. A non-profit international Network. WLoA brings together yacht agents with long outstanding expertise from across the globe, each committed to providing exceptional service and well-known for their expertise and know-how.

As a consequence of the good service delivered locally, these agents were often requested to give referrals in other locations for agents who provide the same quality of service. Its founders recognised that it was necessary for agents to unite and compromise to a standard service. WLoA members are located in all popular yachting hubs such as Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Malta, The UK & Ireland, The US, The Caribbean, and many more.

This week’s feature is A+ Yachting, a leading superyacht expert located in Croatia and Montenegro. The A+ team bring local expertise and knowledge of the Adriatic Coast’s hidden gems to inspire Superyacht itineraries, alongside technical knowledge to support every step of the journey. In this article, we hear from founder Ajka Matijevic on how being a part of WLoA improves the companies’ overall service to their clients.

A+ Yachting are proud members of World League of Agents
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About A+ Yachting

“The fact that we operate in a less developed market is not an obstacle, but challenges us to be even better at what we do.” – Ajka Matijevic

World League of Agents and A+ Yachting have partnered
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A+ are a team of professional agents that are experts in their field, operating out of offices in Croatia and Montenegro.It has been the mission of A+ Yachting since it was founded to guide and support Captains and crew members in delivering a high-quality onboard experience to guests.

Providing bespoke itineraries, supplies and 24-hour concierge service for Superyachts, A+ Yachting specialises in supporting all onboard operations in their quest to deliver outstanding guest experiences. Through a highly experienced team of travel and maritime agents, they utilise a comprehensive network to fulfil every onboard need.

In addition to providing seamless completion of Superyacht charter licenses, VAT and fiscal representation, A+ Yachting handle all the legal paperwork needed to cruise the Adriatic, making the entire journey seamless.

On Partnering With World Of League Agents:

Speaking of their reasons for teaming with World League of Agents, company founder Matijevic explains that what attracted her was the network’s similar approach to client satisfaction and trust:

“Being members of the World League of Agents is the closest we can get to working with friends AND elevating our overall customer experience. By knowing the best from each of the destinations, we are comfortable offering support to our clients wherever they go, as we know the best company that can support our clients. We are thrilled to be a part of the network built solely on trust, great results, and the same approach to the client’s satisfaction!” – Ajka Matijevic, Founder of A+ Yachting

A+ Yachting Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Arrival Consultation
  • Port & Immigration Formalities
  • Technical Support
  • Provisioning
  • Spare Parts & Supplies
  • Bunkering & Lubricants
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Charter Licenses
  • VAT
  • Fiscal Representations

To learn more about World League of Agents and all of their member’s destinations globally, visit their website.

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