Vineyards to visit from iconic anchorages in France and Italy

The French and Italian Riviera are certainly two of the most popular destinations during the summer months in the Mediterranean. With gorgeous weather, pristine beaches, fantastic restaurants, and incredible scenery for guests to enjoy. These two iconic areas are also conveniently located near some world-class wineries. West Nautical has provided us with their picks of the best Vineyards in the French and Italian Riviera. Suggest a vineyard off of this list to your guests to give them the best experience possible. 

The best vineyards to visit: 


Wine and dine at some of Frances finest vineyards
Photo by Sébastien Jermer on Unsplash

Chateau de Berne, Provence 

This Vineyard is just over an hour’s drive from Saint Tropez. Chateau de Berne produces reds, rosés as well as white wines. And, they are known to be some of the best in the region. Here guests will be able to enjoy a cellar tour and enjoy a guided tasting session. This exceptional winery also has many dining options. From fine dining to a more casual al fresco dining with menu options from their own garden. 

Château St. Martin in Taradeau, Cannes, France

This beautiful winery is located just an hour’s drive from the exciting port of Saint Tropez.  It is in the village of Taradeau in Les Arcs. Château St Martin is a winery dating back to Roman times. The Domain, “Cru Classé” has belonged to the same family since 1740 and remains in the family until today. 

Chateau de Bellet

This vineyard is in the hills of Nice overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  Guests will also be able to marvel at the Alps and Var Valley when visiting Chateau de Bellet. This region benefits from the wind in both directions as it assists in the slow maturation of the vines. As a result, their wines have a distinct freshness and elegance. This winery produces white, rosé, as well as red wines with white being their most well-known. Their wines have been served at iconic occasions such as Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding. 


Italys top rated Vineyards
Photo by Charles Büchler on Unsplash

Conti di San Bonifacio, Porto Santo Stefano, Italy

This exceptional vineyard is located just half an hour’s drive from the coast. It is nestled between the Maremma Hills and the plains of the Tuscan coastline. The garden vineyard and boutique Cantina produces beautifully crafted wines, made with passion and authenticity. Guests can savour a glass of the second-best Syrah in the world. Which also ranks as the third-best organic wine in the world. There is also the finest Tuscan cuisine at Maremmana restaurant. All ingredients are locally sourced, and the chefs have given innovative twists to traditional recipes. 

Poggio dei Gorleri

The wine region of Liguria is most certainly well-known for its crisp dry white wines. They are born from the perfect environmental factors of the hills and ocean. This exceptional vineyard is located just five minutes away from the town of Imperia. And, is an idyllic location for an al fresco lunch and wine tasting in the Mediterranean sunshine. Guests can enjoy an incredible range of wine from a light-bodied, complex Vermentino to a fruity white Pigato. As well as the Riviera red Granaccia. 

Agriturismo Torre Pernice

Surrounded by the mountains and sea, Torre Pernice is a family-owned wine estate. It is located in Albenga Plain, a short drive from the coastal town of Alassio. There is a tower built in the 1500s from which the winery gets its name. This winery produces a range of white, red, sparkling, and fortified wines. In addition, it has a beautiful restaurant serving traditional dishes and specialty cuisine from the Ligurian region. 

Suggest a vineyard from this list to your guests and they will certainly be happy! Meanwhile, we hope you found this article helpful.

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