Throughout this series, we introduce you to World League of Agents (WLoA) and their members. A non-profit international Network, WLoA brings together yacht agents with long outstanding expertise from across the globe, each committed to providing exceptional service and well-known for their expertise and know-how.

As a consequence of the good service delivered locally, these agents were often requested to give referrals in other locations for agents who provide the same quality of service. It’s founders recognised that it was necessary for agents to unite and compromise to a standard service. WLoA members are located in all popular yachting hubs such as Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Malta, The UK & Ireland, The US, The Caribbean, and many more. One of their Spanish based partners is Evolution Yacht Agents, one of the most reputable yacht agencies in the industry.

In this article, we hear from one of the founding members of World League of Agents and the Managing Partner of Evolution Yacht Agents, Belen Martín, on what propelled Evolution to form the group, as well as the importance of truly listening to yacht crew and some general approaches to business.

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business” – Zig Ziglar 

“I came across this quote 3 years ago and I learnt two things; a good leader will always build a reputable company and, if you want things to happen, you need to run your own show (just do it!)”

“I am lucky enough to be based in Barcelona, where we have the opportunity to meet crew in depth. The boats usually spend more than one month with us and choose this area (Barcelona, Vilanova, Tarragona) before the heavy season starts. Therefore, they have time to talk about themselves, not only about their jobs, but also about their personal lives. We learnt and keep learning a lot from crew!” – Belen Martín, Managing Partner at Evolution and founding member of the World League of Agents

In terms of how Evolution approach their clients, it is clear that truly listening to and understanding the needs of yacht crew is paramount to Martín and the team. This dedication to excellent service and client satisfaction has been carried through to WLoA, where the best agents in the world have been gathered for their clients, and each member of the group adopts a similar work ethic.

Belen explains that forming a united group felt like a natural progression, discovering that crew were often returning to the same agencies year after year:

“I am very curious, therefore, I started asking crew who they were using when in other countries and, year after year, the same names kept repeating: Tomaso, Bea, Chris, Ajka, Onur, Norina, Peter, Mark, Capt Deb. These names came from Captains/Pursers that have visited different parts of the world many times, with high demanding guests, so they have enough experience and knowledge to recommend who is THAT agent that will give you the right answers. Not necessarily the answers you would like, but the right answers above all” 

“All of these agents are now under the same umbrella and I am happy to have my spot beside them with The World League of Agents” – Belen Martín

Beatriz Alonso, co-partner at Evolution and co-founder of WLoA also comments that:

“With the relation we have created with our clients in so many years they have become part of our family and we really feel giving them good advice about other companies is more than an obligation. WLOA is not only the perfect solution for the client but also for us. We recommend people we really know and really trust and by doing this they know we are giving them an answer for other locations. They will get the same service everywhere!”

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Evolution Yacht Agents Services

Founded in 2010, Evolution has a presence in all of Spain’s major ports, as well as expanding to Portugal and Gibraltar. Evolution pride themselves on a friendly and approachable service and place crew at the heart of the operation. Each department holds expert knowledge in assisting clients with the services they require.

The services that they provide include the following:

  • Itinerary Planning
  • VIP Experiences and Crew Services
  • Berth Reservation
  • Provisioning and Interior Supplies
  • Customs Clearance
  • TPA – VAT Exemption
  • Legal – Charter Licenses and Tax Advice
  • Contractors and Project Work
  • Bunkering & Oils

To learn more about World League of Agents and all of their member’s destinations globally, visit their website.

To learn more about Evolution Yacht Agents, click here.

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