This is the first part of our new blog series, Off the Beaten Track. We’re going to be picking out some unique “unchartered” locations, and interviewing those who know about the areas to find out some top tips.

This week, we are speaking to The Yacht Stew AKA Gemma Hope, about exploring the Pacific North West by superyacht. Gemma has spent a lot of time cruising the area and is actually a Vancouver lady herself, so listen up for her top tips on exploring this magical area. Disclaimer: you’re gonna want to visit the Pacific North West after reading this!

This mornings sunrise was unbelievable ☀️⚓️ Feeling so blessed to call this floating slice of luxury home! #yachtstew #sunrise #pnw

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Here’s what she has to say on exploring the Pacific North West

“I have been working on yachts since 2011 and couldn’t love my job more. I worked my way up from Junior Stew to Chief Stew and have spent the past two years on a private yacht sailing the West Coast. We cruise between Mexico and Canada, with a base close to Vancouver – perfect for this Vancouver born lady! I met my fiancé on yachts four years ago and we’ve been sailing together ever since.”

“Desolation sound is a must for guests willing to be out of cell phone range. The water is crystal clear, really warm and perfect for both water sports and stargazing. Our guests love Roche Harbour in the San Juan Islands. They have a great bocce ball court and a gorgeous spa. Throughout the summer there is also live music every night!”

Almost finished our second summer season in the PNW! I’ll take this view over city life any day ⚓️ #westcoast #bestcoast #pnw #tofino

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“We spend the majority of our time on Vancouver Island and our guests love it! In Nanaimo, there is a bar on a local island, so we drop them off in the tender followed by fish and chips at a restaurant on the dock. Small town feel, so our older owners love it!”

Today’s sundeck view ?? #Victoria #britishcolumbia #canada

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For more information about cruising the Pacific North West by superyacht, get in touch with AYSS to be in touch with local yacht agents.

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