An agency based in Greece, Four Seas Yachting has been around since before the conglomerates took over, hailing from the first ship agents in Corfu. They pride themselves as being the first, the best, and the most accommodating. Carry on to read about their history, their ethos, and what incredible services they offer to crew and captains.

A Bit About Four Seas Yachting

Their history & their ethos

How it began

Four Seas Yachting is run by Christopher Peacock and Erika Hoshi.

Interestingly, Chris’ stepfather’s father started the company in the 1800’s. It’s third generation and started as Three Seas Yachting – so Four Seas Yachting is a continuation of that legacy!

The Team

Their ethos & positive attitude

No request is too big nor too small.

The team is international which reflects the crew that you find on the boats – from Brits, to South African, Bermudan, to American. This ensures constant and thorough communication. It’s their number one priority, making sure nothing gets lost in translation!

They pride themselves in walking the fine line between friendship and professionalism – getting the job done at the highest level while also not being stuck up or unapproachable, always striving to find a solution if a sitaution arises.

Chris’ expansive knowledge & experience

Chris has been in the industry for 20+ years. He is familiar with many senior captains who have worked their way up the ladder over the years. As a result, there’s a longstanding history and a deep knowledge of what makes captains and crew tick. 

So What Can They Do For You?

Open & swift communication

Due to having been in the business for so long, they have developed in-house departments for many of the more frequently asked for services such as provisioning and transportation. So rest assured you will have all the answers you need!

Akin to a boutique agency, Four Seas Yachting has a less corporate and more personable atmosphere. They provide direct communication with the heads of departments, and with Chris and Erika.


No request is too big nor too small. Four Seas Yachting offers an array of services for crew, including:

  • clearance & formalities
  • concierge
  • provisioning
  • berthing
  • bunkers

…and much more!

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