World League of Agents has a clear objective: to provide impeccable service to clients around the world. This new non-profit Network unites yacht agents across the globe who share the same vision of providing exceptional customer service, each with a minimum of ten years of experience in the yachting industry. As the superyacht industry continues to grow, and the world of guest experiences becomes more saturated, there is more pressure than ever on the crew to provide unforgettable cruising experiences for guests – World League of Agents can assist your vessel in this endeavour.

World League of Agents are a global association

World League of Agents has gathered a group of super agents from all corners of the globe that share the same commitment to providing yachts with the highest degree of assistance. This eliminates the need for yacht owners and captains to spend valuable time seeking out agents wherever they cruise. World League of Agents is now your first port of call.

A Global Network

World League of Agents is more than equipped to greet your yacht wherever you might be cruising. Their members are located in all of the popular yachting hubs such as Spain, Greece, France, Monaco, Italy, The UK & Ireland, The US, The Caribbean, Turkey, Croatia and many more. See below their map of locations around the world:

World League of Agents locations

In addition, each member of the Network is an independent company with no ties to large corporations. Each member has voluntarily joined the group. As each agency has over a decade of experience in the yachting industry, as well as extensive knowledge of the local area and yachting industry, the work has already been accomplished. Moreover, every company operates with a commitment to transparency, promising there will be no hidden costs, commissions, or surprises associated with their services.

Based on their expert knowledge of the locations, each agency will provide the most current information about travel restrictions and regulations within their area. Agents within the league collaborate to make the best suggestions for their clients. Clients will also be in direct contact with the Managers of each agency. This approach maintains a personalised touch which is critical in an industry that can often feel detached.

The idea to form this community came naturally to the league’s founders as each organisation has been recommending one another to clients for many years:

“Clients do frequently ask us for recommendations of other similar agencies that match our standards and that’s what we did. We connect yachts with other companies within “The League”. Because we all share same values and same work ethics and commitment to the client, we have been already working together for a long time, recommending each other, to ensure our clients receive the best service when they are not in our areas. It just seemed a natural progression that we should formalise this strong alliance.” – Belen Martín, Managing Partner at Evolution and founding member of the World League of Agents

We will be writing features on each of the members, so that you can get to know them individually and discover their services. In the meantime, you can find out more about World League of Agents on their website and watch their video below to discover more:

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