Nansen Polar Expeditions is an expedition yacht charter company which bridges the gap between adventure expedition tours, yacht charter and wildlife conservation, and the company is shaping up to be the preferred platform for polar travel.

Their website name and motto “We Follow Heroes” was inspired by Norwegian explorer and scientist Fridtjof Nansen, highlighting a strong synergy with the origin of the Scandinavian company.

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Skilled in delivering high-end hospitality and managing logistics to exotic locations, the Nansen Polar Expeditions team excels at coordinating private cruises and have been expert advisors for filming in remote polar regions for world-class productions including Frozen Planet 2, Blue Planet 2 and The Penguin King.

The founders have expert knowledge of remote regions, with over 30 years of operational experience demonstrating a valuable testimony to their backgrounds in expedition guiding, wildlife photography, biology, engineering and operations.

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The company’s proven expertise already sees them fielding global enquires from film, science and ocean research trips, with discussions about upcoming projects already underway. Nansen Expeditions will offer private charters as well as cater for these trips specifically targeted at film, television and research crews.

Nansen Polar Expeditions have now launched a new yacht expedition company to support film production in polar regions. The team have recently concluded the refurb of an ice class B vessel that was previously owned by the Norwegian government. The rugged yet luxurious vessel, MS Villa, blends all the facilities and attribute of a working vessel with an expedition platform. The boat is an ice-strengthened ship (ice class B) with modern navigational equipment, ample dry deck space for protection of film/photography production gear and there’s spacious guest accommodation onboard.

MY Villa

Nansen Polar Expeditions is set to be the preferred industry provider of exclusive polar expeditions with a maximum number of 12 passengers per trip.

Their first expedition is scheduled to depart in August 2020 from Svalbard in Norway.
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