It might be a life-altering experience to travel to the world’s best ports by Superyacht, but it takes a truly excellent yacht agent to make it a trip you’ll never forget. With this in mind, we thought it worth taking a deep dive into the top yacht crew agencies situated in the South Pacific – all managed by the highly-dependable Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS)

With offices spread across the globe, AYSS has been providing yacht services to captains and crew ever since 1991, and with over 70 dedicated Superyacht agents spread across the world, they can make sure that you are linked seamlessly from one destination to another. You’ll never be far from professional help and a friendly face.

Recognising how important it is that support is in place at each of it destinations, AYSS agents offer vessels and crew the guidance and support needed to take advantage of everything that a country has to offer. Whether you need help with the essential day to day requirements of your Superyacht, assistance with visas, cruising permits and port control requirements; suggestions for wonderful sights and places to discover; or even recommendations for the best local culinary delights – AYSS covers it all!

So, if you’re visiting the stunning waters of the South Pacific, Australia or New Zealand by Superyacht this year, below are the top 6 yacht agents you should know about.

Australia – Carter Marine Agencies

Carter Marine Yacht Agencies - Yacht Agencies In The South Pacific
Image by Carter Marine Yacht Agencies

Located within the closest port to the Great Barrier Reef (Cairns Seaport), Carter Marine Agencies can provide access to a multiple berth superyacht marina precinct, complete with internationally recognised major refit facilities, an M.C.A. Accredited crew & stewardess training school, along with an International Marine Training College. 

Carter Marine Agencies has been running for 15 years, providing yachts of all sizes with assistance, covering everything from marine engineers to specialised Superyacht services.

Australia – Major Yacht Services

Major Yacht Services
Image by Major Yacht Services

Consisting of several large waterways and an abundance of safe anchorages, Sydney Harbour offers a range of modern facilities set amongst some truly beautiful scenery. Nestled in the heart of this busy port lies Major Yacht Services; a comprehensive yacht agency, who can supply any support that a visiting Superyacht might need. Working on a 24-hour basis, Major Yacht Services can take care of all the trivial but necessary tasks that are required upon arrival into Australia. The team can also assist with logistics and plans for visiting the local area, which also happens to be one of the most famous cities in the world.

New Caledonia – Noumea Yacht Services

Noumea Yacht Services
Image by Yacht Agent Noumea Services

As New Caledonia’s main yacht servicing agency, Noumea Yacht Services understand the supreme importance of giving yachts and their crews the very best experience. NYS yacht agents speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and, being a local company, can confidently offer a whole network of services at the very best value.

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New Zealand – 37 South

Image by 37 South Yacht Support

Widely regarded as one of the most flexible and trustworthy yacht crew agencies, 37South was the first yacht agency in the Pacific and remains one of the most innovative. Established in 1988, 37South is located adjacent to Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, marinas and the new Municipal large yacht berths at Sea and City, offering a range of services not just to visiting Superyachts but also to agents and crew across the South Pacific.

Papua New Guinea – Melanesian Luxury Yacht Services

Melanesian Luxury Yacht Services
Image by Melanesian Luxury Yacht Services

Proudly owned and operated by a team of experienced ex-superyacht crew, Melanesian Luxury Yacht Services is Papua New Guinea’s premier Superyacht agency, also providing regional services for Vanuatu and The Solomon Islands. From provisions and crew visas, to port agents and tour guides, Melanesian Luxury Yacht Services deliver first class yachts services to captains and crew, while remaining dedicated to preserving the cultural integrity of this unique part of the world.

Vanuatu – SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu

SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu Team
Image by SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu Team

Seal Superyachts is Vanuatu’s leading full service Superyacht Support Agency, providing shore support and assistance to Superyachts and Yachts visiting all regions of the stunning Vanuatu. With over 80 islands, and 2,528 kilometres of coastline to choose from, Vanuatu is a great stopover point for yachts heading across the Pacific or for those on a South West Pacific circuit.

Having a Superyacht captain as MD, along with a team of experienced yacht professionals combined with local island experts, these guys definitely have the insider experience needed to truly open the doors to the best that Vanuatu has to offer.

For more information on the top Yacht Agencies in the South Pacific, NZ, and AUS, contact AYSS by clicking here.

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