With the Summer season fast approaching and prospective itineraries becoming more solidified, you might be getting excited about spending time in the crystal clear waters on Mediterranean shores. The Mediterranean has some of the most renowned diving spots in the world, so if you’re lucky enough as crew to get to go for a dive in your down time, we highly recommend you grab the opportunity. To make it easier for you, we’ve found 6 of the top diving spots in the Med for 2023 so you don’t have to…

Sardinia, Albania

Named as a top diving spot in Italy, especially around Li Venezzi Marine Park and La Maddalena Archipelago. With fishing being almost non-existent, marine life continues to thrive. Sardinia is home to over forty dive sites, including Angelika, a Japanese cargo ship that sank in 1982, and a cave dive at Paganetto Rock.

The best diving spots in Sardinia

  • Capo Testa
  • Orosei Gulf
  • Capo Carbonara
  • San Pietro
  • Sant’Antioco

Corsica, France

Corsica is part of the French Cetacean Sanctuary where dolphins and whales can be regularly found. With depths ranging from 60-70 metres and a visibility of 30 meters, experts recommend exploring the ‘Le Bombardier’ shipwreck, La Punta Muchilina at Cargese, ‘La Pecorella’ wreck at Porto Vecchio, and the ‘La Grande Vallee’ at Propriano.

The best diving spots in Corsica

  • Calvi and the North
  • Around Scandola Marine Reserve
  • Sagone bay
  • The bay of Ajaccio
  • The bay of Propriano
  • South Corsica


Croatia is home to 1000+ islands all adorned with reefs, underwater caverns, pillars, and canyons. The Mediterranean country giver divers the option to dive amongst WWI and WWII shipwrecks, a B-17 bomber, or venture into caves. With so many options available in Croatia, it is no wonder it is considered one of the top diving destinations in the world.

The best diving spots in Croatia

  • The Cathedral, Premuda
  • Vis Island Group
  • Hvar
  • The Blue Grotto (Modra Spilja)


If you’re looking for a bit of history, Montenegro oceans are home to Patrol Ship PBR 512 (intentionally sunk for rocket practice in 1983), WW1 Austro-Hungarian Destroyer Zenta, WW1 Bouclier Class French Destroyer, Dague, (she struck a mine in 1915), and a WW2 Airplane Wreck (a mystery aircraft discovered in 2008).

Best diving spots in Montenegro

  • Tihany Wreck
  • Blue Cave.
  • Poseidon City
  • Oreste Wreck
  • Reef Galiola
  • Island Mamula
  • Wrecks of Dague


Only five miles from Turkey, Chios Island in Greece has its own answer to the Aussie ‘Great Wall’. You’ll find walls of rock bursting with life and colour, as well as shipwrecks. We recommend venturing to Marathonisi, affectionately called Turtle Island, where loggerhead turtles go to lay their eggs in the small islet of Laganas Bay.

Best diving spots in Greece

  • Sykati Beach, Kalymnos
  • A secluded beach in Mykonos
  • A beach on the Greek island of Lesvos
  • Schinaria Beach in Crete
  • Elephant Cave, Crete
  • Britannic shipwreck, Kea
  • Zakynthos


First-time divers and beginners will thrive around the Island of Gozo. It’s ideal for underwater photographers with an amazing visibility of around 30 meters deep. For the more seasoned pros among you, black diamond dive sites here include the Blue Hole and Inland Sea, Reqqa Point, Cathedral Cave, and Billinghurst Cave. There are also three wreck dives, including MV Xlendi, which was purposely sunk to create an underwater attraction.

Best diving spots in Malta

  • Lantern Point. Also referred to as the Lighthouse Reef or The Chimney, Lantern Point is based in the south-western region of Malta’s small island of Comino
  • Bristol Blenheim Bomber
  • Foritza Reef
  • Imperial Eagle
  • Inland Sea and Tunnel

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